1Password now allows users to securely generate unique email aliases

1Password launched a new feature that will allow users to create and manage secure, unique email aliases from directly within 1Password. Partnering with Fastmail, an email service that puts people and their privacy first, the “Masked Email” integration adds an extra layer of privacy by giving users the option of hiding their actual email addresses from the apps or services that they use.

1Password email aliases

According to research from Deloitte, 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email to an unexpected victim, and 32% of all successful breaches involve the use of such techniques. With the uptick in remote work and reliance on email addresses, not only for communication but also to access online services, this has only increased people’s susceptibility to email fraud schemes.

“1Password is committed to raising the bar in enhancing online safety and privacy,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. “Partnering with Fastmail to provide Masked Email is yet another way we help protect our customers and their sensitive information.”

“1Password was our ideal partner for Masked Email,” said Helen Horstmann-Allen, COO of Fastmail. “Adding one of our favorite Fastmail features, email aliases, to 1Password lets customers protect their email identity in the same way they protect their passwords. Together, we built a feature I’m really proud of, with a partner who shares our values for both customer privacy and open standards.”

Masked Email provides customers with the option of generating a unique email address, hiding users’ actual email addresses from the app or service they’re registering with or signing into.

“Reclaiming your digital privacy is easier than you think. Your email is an entry point into your digital life, so it’s essential that you remain in control of how it’s used,” adds Andrew Beyer, Browser Experience Lead at 1Password. “Working with Fastmail, we’ve developed a way to make creating and filling a unique email address through 1Password as easy as generating passwords are today.”

“Email aliases are an underrated hero of digital privacy,” said Bron Gondwana, CEO of Fastmail. “Your email address is your online identity. If your credentials are compromised in a data breach, having a randomly generated email address adds a second line of defense because it can’t be associated with your primary email address, and therefore, your identity.”

1Password email aliases

Masked Email aliases protect your main account, making them ideal for temporary use cases such as registering for a free WiFi network or signing up for email newsletters. Unless manually deleted from a user’s Fastmail-managed alias page, email aliases also never expire, making it clear who had access to a particular alias. Using their primary email address to access their Fastmail account, users will also be able to pause receiving mail to their email aliases of choice.

“We know empirically that data breaches happen many times every single day and the full extent of the problem is larger than anyone can quantify,” said Troy Hunt, Strategic Advisor at 1Password and Founder of Have I Been Pwned. “My service is now tracking 5 billion email addresses with each one appearing in an average of 2 data breaches. It’s more important than ever that we protect our privacy; and protecting the primary key to our digital lives – our email address – will have a really positive impact.”

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