Backblaze Instant Recovery in Any Cloud simplifies recovery after ransomware attack

Backblaze announced Instant Recovery in Any Cloud—a solution to make ransomware recovery into a VMware and Hyper-V based cloud easy for any IT team.

Big ransomware payments gain a lot of attention—like the $5 million Colonial Pipeline recently paid. But few realize that ransomware victims often rely on backups to return to normal operations, not the decryption tools cybercriminals provide. Decrypting data simply takes too long. Victims may pay ransom to keep their data from being disclosed, but it is often the speed they’re able to bring backups back on line—more than any other factor—that determines their ability to recover.

Backblaze’s new Instant Recovery in Any Cloud provides businesses an easy yet massively flexible disaster recovery solution based in VMware and Hyper-V cloud architecture.

Using an industry-standard automation tool, a pre-built code package creates a digital mirror image of previously deployed on-premises infrastructure, empowering IT managers to quickly bring up all the services they need when disaster strikes: orchestrated on-demand servers, firewalls, networking, storage, and other infrastructure in a compute environment of their choosing, drawing data over immediately from Veeam Backup & Replication backups into a VMware and Hyper-V based cloud.

Put simply, it’s an on-demand disaster recovery plan—so businesses can get back to business with minimized disruption and without having to pay year-round for an array of in-case-of-emergency services.

“Most businesses know that backing up is critical for disaster recovery,” said Mark Potter, Backblaze’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). “But we see time and again that organizations under duress struggle with getting their systems back online, and that’s why Backblaze’s new solution can be a game-changer.”

Here’s why Instant Recovery in Any Cloud is huge for IT staff at any businesses. It is:

  • Accessible: Most robust disaster recovery plans are built for enterprise customers with enterprise budgets. Backblaze’s solution opens disaster recovery to a huge number of businesses that were left without affordable solutions.
  • Customizable: For savvy IT teams, this is essentially a cut and paste set-up—an incredibly small amount of work to architect a recovery plan, with code written to work with phoenixNAP compute but can be easily customized for other providers.
  • On-demand: The capacity is always there from Backblaze and the compute provider, but the customer doesn’t pay for it until they need it.

“For more than 400,000 Veeam customers, flexibility around disaster recovery options is essential,” said Andreas Neufert, Vice President of Product Management, Alliances at Veeam. “They need to know not only that their backups are safe, but that they’re practically usable in their time of need. We’re very happy to see Backblaze offering instant restore for all backups to VMware and Hyper-V based cloud offerings to help our joint customers thrive during challenging times.”

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