Tanium Risk offers customers a real-time view of risk posture across their organization

Tanium launched Tanium Risk. The new capability offers customers a comprehensive, near real-time view of risk posture across their organization, with the ability to quickly remediate vulnerabilities and compliance gaps from a single dashboard.

Tanium Risk is now available as a key part of the company’s risk and compliance solution. By leveraging existing features of the Tanium platform that establish a holistic view into all endpoints, the new product generates an accurate, relevant risk score. This allows customers to quickly prioritize what needs to be fixed across their environment, without switching tools.

“Managing endpoint risk and compliance is more challenging today than ever before,” said Pete Constantine, Chief Product Officer for Tanium. “Today’s CISOs have to manage risk from millions of globally distributed, heterogeneous assets, while also responding to ever increasing audit scrutiny and regulatory compliance requirements.”

Whether organizations need to patch, update applications, or set new configuration policies, Tanium Risk allows them to leverage the same dataset, agent, and architecture to fix gaps as quickly as they are found.

“A near real-time risk score with comprehensive visibility into the state of endpoints enables executives to better understand the impact of cyber attacks on business outcomes,” said Phil Harris, Research Director, Cybersecurity Risk Management Services at analyst firm IDC. “Decision-makers can prioritize severe vulnerabilities and respond to breaches much more quickly to reduce the attack surface radically.”

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