Software AG adds new functionalities for ARIS to help automate key transformation initiatives

Software AG launched several new functions for ARIS, which will help companies to automate how they manage digital transformation at both strategic and operational levels.

The latest Process Mining functionalities for ARIS will give customers a more in-depth understanding of how processes are working and what causes them to slow down. At the same time, a number of automation tools that support cultural and language differences will help companies to design and roll out changes globally, more quickly.

The new Root Cause Miner helps companies to understand their processes and bottlenecks more effectively, a fundamental first step in implementing any transformation initiative. Combined with the new process export, ARIS users can immediately share and re-use processes. As companies aim to connect more effectively across borders, the new variant management will help companies make the adaptations needed to ensure cultural and regional relevance. The automated translation further assists with different languages.

Dr. Stefan Sigg, CPO at Software AG, commented: “The pandemic has accelerated a number of initiatives, including remote work and automation. Companies that invest in the right tools to support these changes will see greater internal and competitive benefits much more quickly. Business Continuity planning and efficiency optimization through Process Mining have especially proven to be mission critical. We’re supporting our customers through this transformation process with our ARIS suite.”

According to an external Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impac study commissioned by Software AG, ARIS customers can get an ROI of 301% and nearly $8m benefits over three years, as well as cutting the time spent on process analysis by 25% and increasing speed of rollout by around 40%.

Sigg continued: “At a time when rapid but effective change is vital to protect the future of many businesses, it is critical that every minute spent is done so effectively. That means ensuring not only that processes work, but that we’re finding ways to automate tasks that slow down those end results.”

A summary of new functions or updates include:

ARIS Business Process Analysis:

  • Variant management
  • New landing page & app launcher in ARIS portal
  • New AI-enabled automated translation for content

ARIS Process Mining:

  • Transfer discovered processes into ARIS Repository
  • Root Cause Miner
  • Conformance check available in all editions
  • Extended data connectivity: JDBC extractor & data ingestion API

Additionally, a new connector for ARIS Business Process Analysis and ARIS Process Mining allows connectivity to more than 300 systems.

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