Coviant Software Diplomat MFT SFTP Server offers secure file transfer automation

Coviant Software released its Diplomat MFT SFTP Server, engineered to support automated, secure file transfers for sensitive and regulated data.

“The demand for secure, reliable, and firewall-friendly file transfer automation continues to grow. However, thanks to the recent acquisition of companies like JScape, Globalscape, GoAnywhere, and Ipswitch, options for MFT servers have diminished, costs have increased, and customer support has suffered,” said Gregory Hoffer, CEO, Coviant Software. “In response, Coviant Software now offers an SFTP server that supports secure, automated file transfer with all the performance and features larger enterprises demand, at a price that makes sense for organizations of every size.”

Many organizations are turning to do-it-yourself file transfers using cheap, cloud-based tools. That approach is error prone and raises questions about data ownership. Diplomat MFT SFTP Server is engineered with nearly two decades of expertise to meet the needs of organizations of any size with minimal customization, and a simple, intuitive interface. Key features include:

  • Automation out-of-the-box;
  • Security through integral SFTP and PGP encryption;
  • Web-based administration with a simple, intuitive user interface; and,
  • Scalable to support organizations of any size.

The Diplomat MFT SFTP Server is available directly from Coviant Software, or through its network of resellers, at less than half the cost of other MFT Servers—and a lot simpler to use.

“At a time when threats are on the rise and regulations are growing more stringent, too many organizations rely on options that are manual, error-prone, and unsecure. Our suite of MFT products is secure, automated, reliable, auditable, and easy to use,” Hoffer added.

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