Integreon expands CIR capabilities to now include Cyber Incident Notification Services

Integreon announced the expansion of its Cyber Incident Response (CIR) capabilities to now include Cyber Incident Notification Services. Cyber Incident Notification Services will include delivery and fulfillment by mail or email to impacted individuals of required communications, along with call center support and credit monitoring services.

This latest offering is designed to expertly assist clients to meet strict international, national, and state data privacy and consumer regulations deadlines and other compliance requirements.

Once an incident occurs at an organization, Integreon’s CIR professionals mobilize and partner with the affected clients’ internal security and privacy teams and their breach coaches, insurance carriers, and incident response consultants to identify, extract, and organize exposed sensitive data.

Using a combination of technology and processes honed over thousands of projects, Integreon adeptly mines the data to identify sensitive information for the purpose of creating a detailed list of impacted individuals. This enables the company to confidently prepare for notification.

Service providers assisting organizations to respond to cyber breaches and ransomware attacks can now rely on Integreon to handle a fuller spectrum of response and notification activities. When breached, clients have the choice to review the exfiltrated data and notify just a targeted group or give notice to all potentially impacted individuals.

Integreon works with its clients to understand and execute their preferred approach. Working with a single company, clients are able to achieve their goals of maximizing cost savings while lowering risk. Leveraging Integreon’s global delivery centers in North America, Europe, and Asia, the Integreon team operates 24/7 to complete the notification and inquiry process quickly and accurately.

Integreon CEO Bob Rowe remarked, “As bad actors continue to attack businesses and exfiltrate sensitive personal data, Integreon has broadened its cyber incident response capabilities to help insurance providers, law firms and forensics shops assist their clients with efficient, effective notification services. This is exactly what Integreon does best. We apply technology, fit-for-purpose process, and the right people against a data-driven challenge. Notification is an essential step in the cyber incident response process, and we have built a superior team with qualified talent to do cyber breach notification right.”

“Integreon’s CIR practice group has been one of our fastest-growing divisions since its launch in 2019,” said Jamie Berry, Executive Vice President at Integreon. “With Cyber Incident Notification Services, our team has done a tremendous job adding a top-notch notification program to our response offerings and we plan to further expand CIR in the future.”

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