Fletch releases two security offerings to help organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals

Fletch launched their first two offerings that continuously analyzes trending threats and insider risk, free of charge. For the past two and half years, Fletch has collaborated with top industry experts to create a platform where all it takes is a few clicks to connect your data and answers to pressing questions get delivered daily right to your inbox.

“We built Splunk for the sake of making machine data accessible – think Google for machine data,” said Erik Swan, Co-Founder of Splunk & Fletch Board Member. “When I look at Fletch, I see a company who is taking that mission to even more radical conventions of modern interfaces. The next generation needs to get answers as easily as they get Instagram updates, and Fletch is pioneering that vision.”

The problem is simple. Cybersecurity teams can’t keep up with the pace of the industry. There is a massive talent shortage. The DIY analytics tools on the market don’t offer relief. Teams are bogged down with data plumbing, false positives, and dashboard upkeep. All menial tasks that are prime for automation. So, many just give up. They check the compliance box, and live in a reactionary state.

“Complexity is the enemy of cybersecurity,” said Grant Wernick, CEO and Co-Founder of Fletch. “Technical transformation is happening at a nearly vertical rate. Large enterprises have a chance, but most companies just have hope. Fletch solves this gap by flipping the model from ground up DIY analytics, to turn-key answers understandable by even leadership.”

Fletch’s first two solutions address the most pressing questions on every security leaders’ mind.

  • Am I affected by the threats my customers are reading about in the news?
  • Who in my company isn’t acting like themselves? And are they really a security risk?

Fletch’s first offering, Trending Threats, tells you if the emerging top threats in the news impact your organization. Fletch does this by correlating emerging cyber threats with the data generated by your vulnerability and endpoint solutions. All it takes is 15 minutes to connect products like SentinelOne, Crowdstrike, Carbon Black, Qualys or Tenable and you’ll start getting daily email updates telling you if any of the top threats impact you.

The second offering, Insider Risk, quickly tells you if anyone in your organization looks off and if so whether or not they are an actual risk. Fletch does this by indexing thousands of data points generated by your Gsuite, MS 365, and Okta applications to build dynamic baselines and risk profiles of every individual at your company. The platform also enables you to dive into anyone with a click of a button to expedite investigation.

Fletch is out to automate the “busy work” of cybersecurity analytics by simply delivering critical answers teams need to make better decisions and prioritize resources.

“Cybersecurity comes down to knowing what you need to know, but don’t know before it’s too late,” said David Hua, CISO of Grand Rounds Health. “Fletch changes that experience – it took us less than an hour to connect our data, and it started delivering meaningful insights right away. It is allowing us to focus on what matters and to free up our team from continuous data wrangling.”

As we start to see more companies continue to move to the cloud and adopt SaaS software, Fletch will be there with more answers to their top security questions.

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