Concentric integrates with Box to protect data, build ransomware resiliency and mitigate risk

Concentric announced its status as a Box Technology Partner. Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence solution for data access governance now integrates with Box’s leading Content Cloud to provide seamless content discovery, data categorization and risk assessment.

Concentric Box

With Concentric, Box customers can now easily find, evaluate, and protect business-critical data, including private information, intellectual property, sensitive business documents, and more, across their Box Content Cloud.

“Concentric’s advanced deep-learning technology solves the ongoing challenges of cloud data security and access governance,” said Karthik Krishnan, Concentric CEO. “Our integration with the Box Content Cloud delivers simple, autonomous data discovery and categorization for complete data protection. Now, joint customers have the tools they need to manage risk without rules or manual document tagging.”

This new integration with Box helps customers quickly scan data to establish least-privileges access controls, build ransomware resiliency, and comply with regulatory demands for private data protection.

Semantic Intelligence eliminates hard-to-maintain rules and intrusive end-user document tagging by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The solution operates continuously and autonomously, processing Box Content Cloud data accurately and without IT overhead.

Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence features the company’s patent-pending Risk Distance analysis technology to assess risk and remediate vulnerabilities in individual files. Risk Distance identifies oversharing, inappropriate third-party access, wrong locations, and file misclassification by comparing each document with other documents in the same category.

This means organizations can benefit from the expertise of content owners without intrusive classification mandates, inaccurate rules, or burdensome ongoing policy maintenance.

The Box Content Cloud gives enterprises one secure platform for managing the entire content journey. Concentric supports that journey with AI-based solutions for autonomous data access governance, risk mitigation and ransomware resilience.

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