Sontiq Digital Safety and Security features help families tackle identity crimes and cyberthreats

With the ongoing vulnerability of families succumbing to the exponential volume and velocity of identity crimes and cyberthreats, Sontiq announced an exclusive set of Digital Safety and Security features. These new features will be included in Sontiq’s Identity Theft Protection plans for families, including those under the IdentityForce product brand.

Sontiq Digital Safety and Security

With more than 1 million children having their identity stolen each year, identity and child safety experts agree that protecting the information of all family members is critical.

“We are living in a digital environment where cyber and identity threats are becoming increasingly common and fighting against these crimes is really a family affair,” explained Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) President & CEO Eva Velasquez. “From social media vulnerabilities to social engineering and ransomware attacks; the trillions of dollars in losses are real, and the impact – both financially and emotionally – cannot be denied. The importance of addressing this very real threat and providing families with peace of mind to help resolve such issues when they arise cannot be overstated.”

Sontiq’s family protection plans will include the following Digital Safety and Security features starting in Q4 21.

Cyberbullying reimbursement

Cyberbullying occurs when one individual harasses, intimidates, or threatens another person via computer, telephone or other portable device. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, more than 60% of students who experienced cyberbullying stated that it deeply affected their ability to learn and feel safe at school.

Sontiq’s team of experts can help families with:

  • Obtaining the services of a specialist to remove online content
  • Seeking counseling and rehabilitation services
  • Acquiring the services of a digital forensic service provider
  • Relocating to a new educational facility
  • Finding legal resources
  • Receiving reimbursement for up to $25,000

“The stats are alarming on cyberbullying. In fact, during the pandemic, L1ght reported a 70% increase in hate speech with kids and teens during online chats,” said Sharon Vinderine, Founder and President of Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA). “Sontiq continues its commitment to protecting those most vulnerable from cyberthreats – our children. I am excited about the new features they are providing families. I’m also encouraged by the light they continue to shine on empowerment and education for parents.”

Social engineering resolution and reimbursement

Social engineering (e.g., baiting, phishing, vishing, scareware, pretexting, etc.) is the art of taking advantage of human behavior and emotions to trick an individual into giving up confidential information. This sensitive information may include passwords and bank information, allowing thieves to access accounts and transfer funds.

According to industry research, employees who fall for social engineering attacks contribute to 33% of all data breaches. With the increase in remote work environments, individuals are also more susceptible to such threats, since any of their personal information shared on business devices is at risk.

Sontiq’s team of experts can help families with:

  • Canceling or freezing accounts
  • Getting reimbursement of lost funds from a bank/credit card company
  • Investigating additional security options for affected accounts
  • Changing passwords
  • Placing additional security on accounts moving forward
  • Receiving reimbursement for up to $25,000

Ransomware resolution and reimbursement

One of the fastest-growing cyberthreats, ransomware happens when an individual logs into their computer and finds it maliciously locked. The expanded virtual environment of 2021 means employers and employees are at greater risk as hackers increasingly target remote workers to compromise employer systems.

Additionally, for individuals using devices for personal and business use, there’s increased stress over losing digital family photos or videos. In 2021, a ransomware attack happens every 11 seconds.

Sontiq’s team of experts can help families with:

  • Determining the severity of an attack
  • Advising on immediate action steps
  • Determining if a ransom should be paid or if alternative options exist
  • Facilitating the ransom payment when necessary
  • Receiving reimbursement for up to $25,000

“We take protecting every angle of an individual’s and family’s digital identity seriously. Having these new features included in our identity theft protection plans is another industry-leading step we are taking to help ensure the digital safety and security of our members,” said Sontiq President and CEO Brian J. Longe. “This, combined with our focus on empowering parents with meaningful educational material, will help keep their family’s sensitive personal information theirs.”

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