Jetico BestCrypt Data Shelter protects folders from unwanted processes and users

Jetico released BestCrypt Data Shelter, a new cybersecurity tool that’s integrated with all Jetico encryption products. Designed to protect files and folders even when they’re in use, Data Shelter builds on the data-at-rest capabilities of BestCrypt products and provides customers with an additional layer of security. BestCrypt Data Shelter is also available independently as freeware.


“Data is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks when it’s in use. While our customers have relied on BestCrypt encryption to protect data-at-rest, we then wanted to address the issue of data security for files that are being viewed or modified,” says Jetico CEO Michael Waksman.

“With the release of Data Shelter, our new cybersecurity tool, all BestCrypt users will gain additional protection to their data when it’s in an active accessible state.”

BestCrypt Data Shelter provides protection against the rising number of cyberattacks by ensuring that folders on active computers can only be accessed by trusted programs and authorized users. The tool allows customers to create protection policies that are unique to selected folders, which helps to keep data safe and secure when it’s being used.

Malware or ransomware may try to gain access to sensitive files by exploiting regular processes. Data Shelter can detect these harmful activities by monitoring communication between different processes – and keep your data safe from the storm.

Highlights of BestCrypt Data Shelter:

  • Protect selected folders from unwanted programs and users
  • Create protection policies for any number of folders
  • Keep track of your encrypted drives and receive reminders about non-encrypted volumes
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