IoT Inspector appoints Jan C. Wendenburg as CEO

IoT Inspector announced the appointment of a new CEO: Jan C. Wendenburg has taken over the reins of the company, which specializes in the security testing of IoT device firmware, as of October.

IoT Inspector Jan C. Wendenburg

Florian Lukavsky, founder of IoT Inspector, takes over as CTO and will focus on the technical development of the powerful IoT security platform. In recent weeks, IoT Inspector has identified numerous security vulnerabilities at well-known chip manufacturers such as Realtek or Broadcom in hundreds of thousands of devices, generating worldwide attention.

“IoT security will be the most important challenge in the field of IT security. Every device already carries a chip today, all of which will be connected in the future. Without IoT security, no business, organization or government will ultimately manage to survive. From critical infrastructures such as power and water utilities, automobiles, airplanes, medical devices, network printers, and even the vacuum cleaner robot at home – all devices and data can be tampered with, endanger lives, and cause substantial damage if IoT security is not addressed. IoT Inspector gets to the root of this problem, identifying IoT vulnerabilities across the entire lifecycle – from development to integration to operations,” states new CEO Jan C. Wendenburg.

Established security expert

After holding numerous positions at various IT security-focused companies, Wendenburg is one of the industry’s established experts. He started his career at IBM as Regional & Branch Manager, among others, founded international IT security companies and most recently restructured certgate GmbH as CEO, transforming the company into one of the leading German IT specialists in the field of secure mobile authentication, while also supporting young companies as a Senator of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF).

“Jan Wendenburg will continue to drive IoT Inspector’s growth trajectory. His international experience in this specific IT security industry is essential for the company’s future and strategy, while Florian Lukavsky continues to develop the technical platform as CTO,” explains Willi Mannheims, Managing Partner at eCAPITAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PARTNERS AG, lead investor of the company.

European analysis platform for IoT security

IoT Inspector is the leading European IoT security analysis platform. Any vulnerabilities in the firmware of smart devices can be identified in a fully automated way already during development and later during operation at any time. Manufacturers and developers use this efficient and automatic quality assurance during component or device development.

Companies can check supplied components automatically and thus ensure a transparent, secure software supply chain and high compliance. Today, components such as chipsets are purchased and usually installed without security checks. Often, this means that devices suffer from significant problems hidden in the firmware or the software development kit, which provide hackers with vast opportunities for attack.

The risks here range from data leakage to completely remotely controllable devices. This is where IoT Inspector strengthens the entire supply and service chain, from the developer to the manufacturer to the user.

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