Axio QuickQuant prepares CISOs to quantify their cyber risk in dollar terms

Axio released QuickQuant, a new cyber risk tool that allows CISOs to quantify their cyber risk in dollar terms. QuickQuant helps security and business leaders maximize cyber risk reduction by illuminating the cyber risks that could lead to a business-crippling event – like ransomware.

Axio QuickQuant

The impact-based solution enables security and business leaders to align on the cyber risks that matter most to the business, and to deliver results quickly, transparently, and in a language that all stakeholders can understand.

“We are excited about the release of QuickQuant because it drives quantified risk visibility in a few hours – and not months,” said Scott Kannry, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Axio. “Cyber risk quantification strategies are a top priority for businesses across every sector and security leaders need a faster way to understand their risk in dollar terms. Existing approaches and methodologies take way too long to deliver results – and a CISO’s scarcest resource is time.”

Gartner estimates that 40% of all Boards of Directors will have dedicated cybersecurity committees by 2025, underscoring the urgency for security leaders to adopt a quantification-driven cybersecurity strategy. With QuickQuant, CISOs can:

  • Generate an overall security index score through external scanning of an organization’s digital ecosystem
  • Index all corporate records, PII, and credentials exposed on the dark web
  • Provide percentage-based likelihoods of a breach occurring in the calendar year
  • Conduct a Cyber Insurance Stress Test to render a gap analysis in cyber coverage
  • Drive insights into overall corporate exposure through sector-specific analysis and peer benchmarking

“Despite significant increase in security and IT budgets, organizations across every sector are under heightened assault by determined cyber adversaries,” remarked David White, Co-Founder and President of Axio. “Over the years, Axio has worked with the largest critical infrastructure operators to improve and optimize their cyber programs and it’s become clear that resource-strapped leaders need an easier way to start their risk quantification journey.”

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