SecLytics Augur pXDR reduces risk while streamlining SOC operations

SecLytics unveils its Augur pXDR (Predictive Extended Detection and Response Platform). Building off SecLytics’ patented Augur predictive intelligence technology, Augur pXDR adds core TIP, SIEM, and SOAR functionalities to create a unified, streamlined SOC workflow.

SecLytics Augur pXDR

Augur raises the bar by predicting attacks, attributing attacks, and automatically adjusting your security perimeter to block threats before they get to your network. Augur reduces risk while streamlining SOC operations and reducing infrastructure and HR costs.

“Meeting with security organizations large and small over the last few years, one thing stood out. SOC teams are getting swamped. Not just by the volume and variety of threats, but by trying to manage multiple solutions (TIPs, SOARs, SIEMs, vulnerability management, etc.) to protect against these threats,” says SecLytics CEO Saeed Abu-Nimeh.

“What organizations are asking for is a solution that reduces complexity while boosting capabilities. So we’ve been evolving Augur to meet the needs of modern SOCs through consolidation, orchestration, and smart automation.”

Predictive Intelligence is at the core of everything the Augur pXDR does. The platform starts by using machine learning to model threat actors’ behavior and identify attack infrastructure buildup before attacks are launched. Augur correlates that data with threat data from 120 external sources and internal data to build a uniquely customized map of adversaries targeting our clients and their capabilities.

Augur leverages this data to accurately predict future attacks and uses those predictions to automate enforcement across our clients’ security ecosystems. It also uses the data to curate threats that need an analyst’s attention, providing enrichment data and visualization to accelerate incident response. Augur also enables orchestrated manual enforcement (blocking and policy updates) across an organization’s entire security stack directly from our dashboard.

Most organizations that implement Augur see an immediate drop of 50% in overall alert volume and a 90% reduction in manual enforcement time. And Augur’s smart enforcement automation means that analysts can focus on using their skills for threat hunting and incident response rather than being locked in an unending battle with an undifferentiated avalanche of alerts.

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