Ketch partners with SafeGuard Privacy to offer an end-to-end solution for program management

Ketch announced it has formed a strategic partnership with SafeGuard Privacy. SafeGuard Privacy offers a platform for managing privacy compliance internally, as well as managing it across a company’s network of vendors. Through this partnership, the two companies will offer an end-to-end solution for Programmatic Privacy and program management.

Ketch SafeGuard Privacy

Privacy regulations are long on rules but short on tools, and that means companies today struggle to comply with the explosion of privacy laws. Chief compliance officers desperately need solutions that streamline and automate their entire privacy programs so that they can retire their risk-prone and manual processes.

Ketch is a company that offers Programmatic Privacy, compliance and governance. The company has built easy tools to manage evolving regulations, deploy global privacy notices, and automate consent. SafeGuard Privacy’s goal is to make demonstrating compliance easy.

Its platform features comprehensive assessment questionnaires paired with plain-English commentary that enable chief compliance officers or product managers alike to answer once and share everywhere. Its Vendor Compliance Hub allows companies to assess and manage third-party vendor compliance, as required by GDPR and CCPA, in a fully auditable manner.

By offering their solutions together as a bundle, Ketch and SafeGuard Privacy have made it easier than ever for ethical companies to take full control of their privacy programs, and to do so in a way that’s automated and easily auditable. Through this partnership, customers will receive:

  • Data mapping and classification;
  • Templates of critical documents, such as privacy policies and Privacy Impact Assessments, developed by SafeGuard Privacy’s expert privacy legal team;
  • Compliance and gap assessments for businesses and their ecosystem of vendors to help them identify and resolve any issues that require addressing;
  • Orchestration of privacy signals and end-to-end data subject request (DSR) fulfillment across the data ecosystem: When a consumer requests a change or an update in the use of their data, the Ketch platform will automatically ensure that request percolates throughout the company’s ecosystem and that the consumer’s wishes are honored throughout;
  • Simplified auditing and data forensics.

“I’m excited to see these two great companies come together in offering a comprehensive solution for privacy and vendor compliance,” said Alex Ritchie, Product Manager for Privacy & Policy at AdColony — A Digital Turbine Company.

“It can be a complicated and nuanced undertaking for digital organizations to manage compliance across vendors and owned inventories, and effective, comprehensive solutions can only help organizations manage those complexities. It’s an important piece of the puzzle for ethical tech companies to fully comply with privacy laws.”

This joint partnership is a huge step forward in the advancement of privacy program management and automation for all companies. The pace of regulations continues to accelerate and companies need more turnkey solutions to secure and comply globally. Ketch and Safeguard Privacy make it easy for companies to quickly adapt to changing regulations and audit their compliance.

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