CoSoSys offers same-day support for macOS Monterey to prevent data leaks

CoSoSys announced its readiness for both Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Monterey, and its latest chipsets, including M1 Pro and M1 Max. Offering same-day support, companies using CoSoSys’ product, Endpoint Protector, can confidently deploy macOS Monterey immediately, with no break in data protection.

CoSoSys macOS Monterey

Allowing clients to upgrade to the latest macOS version from the day of launch highlights the company’s mission to enable businesses to solve data security challenges regardless of the operating systems they use.

“With same-day support, our customers are free to upgrade to macOS Monterey without impacting workflows or putting data at risk. Companies can also be confident that their data security solution will work seamlessly without any disruption to its users or the organization. macOS users are keen to leverage the latest macOS version within days of release and it is imperative for us to support this experience both for end-users and IT security teams alike with our commitment to same-day support”, said Roman Foeckl, CEO and Founder of CoSoSys.

In addition to offering immediate support for macOS Monterey, Endpoint Protector natively supports the latest Apple chipsets, including the recently announced M1 Pro and M1 Max. This ensures a stable environment for organizations that demand immediate data protection across their fleet of Mac devices.

Endpoint Protector prevents data leaks and data loss on macOS, Windows, and Linux-based computers. The solution also minimizes the risk of insider threats and ensures compliance with data protection regulations. As a truly cross-platform DLP, Endpoint Protector offers easy-to-use features to help organizations protect their data regardless of the operating system.

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