Alert Logic and Sungard AS expand partnership to provide customers with MDR solutions

Alert Logic announced an expansion of its decade-long partnership with Sungard AS to bring Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions to customers in North America and Europe.

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By extending Alert Logic MDR to their entire security solutions portfolio, Sungard AS enables customers to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity with a focus on delivering a meaningful security outcome that addresses both pre-breach and post-breach concerns.

As ransomware attacks continue to increase, businesses must take more proactive measures to ensure their safety, starting with MDR, vulnerability scanning, and a strong, well-tested cyber incident response plan,” said Shawn Burke, Chief Security Officer at Sungard Availability Services. “Sungard AS’ new advanced security solutions powered by Alert Logic enable organizations to identify behaviors and actions taking place in their environment in real time. The quicker you can move against a threat the better chance you have to reduce the damage the threat may present.”

Responding to cyber threats before they disrupt a business

Sungard AS provides IT solutions that drive digital transformation, secure mid-size and large enterprise environments, and deliver business resilience. From a reputational standpoint, its customers are increasingly judged on how they prevent and respond to security events. In a recent survey by CISO Connect, 69% of respondents consider it likely they’ll be successfully hit at least once by a ransomware attack in the next 12 months.

Businesses today are changing their IT security tactics to have a complete 360-degree view of their security landscape, from the network all the way down to endpoints. They require the ability to detect and respond to threats, coupled with capabilities to minimize the impact of vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and attacks.

With Alert Logic, organizations can quickly implement an MDR solution that delivers 24/7 coverage backed by security expertise. MDR provides an organization with unique capabilities to minimize exposure and effectively identify, analyze, and respond to cyber threats before they disrupt the business.

The expanded partnership with Alert Logic allows Sungard AS customers to improve their security posture with protections both before and after an attack. Alert Logic MDR enables those organizations to view their entire threat landscape and monitor the health of their environment, reducing drift and providing the technology and support to identify threats and respond quickly.

The result is a strong incident response capability that details actions for every step of an attack, as well as a comprehensive data recovery plan.

“Today’s security threats are more pervasive and potentially damaging than ever,” said Dan Webb, Vice President, Global Partner Sales and Alliances, Alert Logic. “Customers are looking for help in quickly implementing best-in-class security across all their environments. Our decade-long partnership with Sungard AS combines Alert Logic’s 24/7 security operations and expertise with the Sungard AS holistic approach to mitigating risk and building a robust security practice.”

In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Alert Logic and Sungard AS have produced a podcast exploring how to meet today’s cybersecurity challenges with MDR.

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