NAVEX Global collaborates with ECI to enhance ethics and compliance program assessment standards

NAVEX Global and The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) announced a partnership to enhance organizations’ ability to assess and measure the maturity and effectiveness of ethics, risk and compliance programs.


ECI has led the effort for organizations to identify and adopt high-quality ethics and compliance programs (HQPs) for many years. Experience has shown that organizations that implement higher-quality ethics and compliance (E&C) programs can significantly boost organizational integrity. Ethics and compliance professionals need a consistent and unbiased means of assessing and measuring program maturity and quality.

ECI worked with ethics and compliance professionals to develop a high-quality program methodology, principles and assessment tool to meet this need. The HQP Assessment enables organizations to gauge their progress toward establishing an HQP. NAVEX Global has worked closely with ECI for many years and shares a commitment to the use of data and metrics to inform how programs can be strengthened.

To further the awareness and adoption of the assessment tool, ECI has created the HQP Partners Program. NAVEX Global is the first partner in ECI’s HQP Partner program. Through this partnership, NAVEX Global will provide the assessment tool to its customers to help advise them on how to progress and implement and grow their E&C programs beyond the minimum legal requirements.

“Without a clear understanding of where their risk and compliance programs are today, organizations cannot make the meaningful changes needed to improve going forward,” said Carrie Penman, NAVEX Global Chief Risk & Compliance Officer. “We believe strong ethics and compliance programs can transform corporate cultures and turn good organizations into exceptional ones. This transformation starts with understanding how a program performs now, identifying gaps, then planning for improvement.”

“Since 2015, ethics and compliance professionals and other thought leaders in our industry have worked together to identify metrics for a high-quality ethics & compliance program,” said Patricia J. Harned, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of ECI. “NAVEX Global is a global leader and provides solutions that are of great help to their customers. We are pleased to premiere our new HQP Partners Program with NAVEX Global and look forward to continue and grow this partnership and the overall program.”

As part of this partnership, NAVEX Global will provide a high-level snapshot assessment of program maturity based on ECI’s established HQP principles—strategy, risk management, culture, speaking up and accountability. NAVEX Global will offer this snapshot assessment tool and report free-of-charge to select, qualified customers and prospects.

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