SUSE acquires NeuVector to strengthen container management security for customers

SUSE announced the acquisition of NeuVector, a container security company that delivers end-to-end security, from DevOps pipeline vulnerability protection to automated security and compliance in production.

Suse NeuVector

Security and compliance have been a long-term focus for Rancher. Some of the most popular features of Rancher, for example, are centralized authentication, RBAC, and CIS benchmarking. The integration of NeuVector with SUSE Rancher will ensure that security capabilities match the needs of our customers who are putting security at the center of their cloud-native strategies today. NeuVector and Rancher together will continue to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for full lifecycle security in any mission-critical environments.

Going forward, NeuVector will be positioned as a core pillar of a new cloud-native, open source security effort based on best practices, guidance and reference architectures within the movement toward zero trust security adoption. We are embarking on an effort to open source NeuVector, which will bring container security capabilities to the Kubernetes ecosystem.

With open source NeuVector, deploying NeuVector will be the premier choice to secure Kubernetes clusters, whether they are on premises, in the cloud, or in edge environments. NeuVector will continue to work with partners to offer customers Kubernetes security across the cloud native ecosystem, on any platform or with any orchestrator.

NeuVector has been a SUSE partner for several years, and NeuVector can be deployed through the Rancher catalog now! NeuVector’s security suite is built to push security capabilities across the entire cloud native footprint, sharing the same open and interoperable ethos that we at SUSE are passionate about.

For SUSE Rancher customers, NeuVector offers the key enterprise security capabilities needed to run Kubernetes at scale. NeuVector will be available as an add-on to SUSE Rancher, just like other innovative cloud-native solutions such as Longhorn and Harvester. There is no need to wait as customers can deploy NeuVector from Rancher catalog today and expect the integrated experience to become more seamless in the future.

“As a financial services organization, United Wholesale Mortgage has a dynamic environment including multiple Kubernetes clusters in numerous environments, and our security needs to be built-in and automated for us to run alongside the business. We rely on the NeuVector Container Security Platform to scan images, audit configurations, monitor processes and provide visibility and protection in production.

“NeuVector is our foundation for ensuring we are deploying secure, compliant applications and infrastructures. The NeuVector team, from support to engineering to solutions architecture, are responsive, collaborative and one of our best vendors to work with on product roadmap, best practices, and optimization of the deployments,” said Nic Gumina, security engineer II at United Wholesale Mortgage.

NeuVector enriches the Rancher platform, and thus brings a great deal of value to SUSE partners. SUSE will continue to partner with cloud-native security vendors like Aqua, Palo Alto Networks, and Sysdig. True to SUSE’s open and interoperable ethos, NeuVector will continue to support the full range of Kubernetes management products in addition to Rancher and including OpenShift, Mirantis and Tanzu.

Security is a dynamic industry with an extremely high pace of innovation, featuring a diverse set of vendors with clear differentiation and focus. Following its integration with SUSE Rancher, NeuVector will focus on enhancing core Kubernetes platform security.

This will raise the bar on container security while leaving space to further innovate and add value in the broader security technology stack. In this spirit, SUSE intends to continue to work globally with new and existing vendor alliance and resale partners from both NeuVector and SUSE.

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