WALLIX Bastion 9 protects and monitors privileged accounts

WALLIX launched WALLIX Bastion 9, the newest version of its flagship Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution designed to help customers solve emerging digital challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, such as the need to monitor and secure remote access.

WALLIX Bastion 9

WALLIX Bastion 9.0 is designed to both protect and monitor privileged accounts, helping organizations to block any access should a cyber-attack or data breach occur. In addition, the robust cyber security platform also enables compliance with data protection and GDPR regulations, offering businesses a comprehensive security solution.

As part of the new update, WALLIX Bastion 9.0 now offers several new features designed to specifically address the new digital challenges facing organizations. As part of this, WALLIX Bastion 9 is one of the only PAM solutions available on the market that’s capable of strengthening Active Directory security. WALLIX already secures the AD of 1,300 organizations worldwide, including many hospitals, essential service operators, and administrations.

WALLIX Bastion also enables secure remote access to any organizations IT infrastructure, and the tool allows organizations to manage and monitor all activity on IT systems. If unusual activity is detected on a system, the IT team can use Bastion 9 to analyse each action performed on the system and create a remediation plan to fix security gaps. Analysis reports are created automatically in real time, and can be consulted from a dashboard, which optimizes response time.

WALLIX Bastion is also able to secure access to any cloud service that has been identified by IT teams, and the solution now automatically detects connections to any cloud service and secured access. In addition, with AAPM (Application-to-Application Password Management) technology, WALLIX Bastion 9 manages connections by storing service account passwords in a digital vault. Service account passwords are also changed regularly, to increase cybersecurity strength.

Emmanuel Pierre, Product Director at WALLIX said, “WALLIX Bastion 9 is a real step forward in terms of innovation at WALLIX. In fact, it is this version of our flagship WALLIX Bastion solution that has enabled us to move up from “Niche” player to “Challenger” in Gartner‘s 2021 Magic Quadrant, as well as being recognized as the European leader in PAM by KuppingerCole Analysts. We have leveraged all our expertise in access and identity security to develop features perfectly adapted to the market’s current needs, which have enabled us to provide an effective response to the cybersecurity challenges resulting from the pandemic”.

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