partners with Rokster to help industrial companies bridge the OT security skills gap announced a partnership with Rokster, a technology consulting firm specializing in regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and business intelligence for the utility and life sciences spaces. Rokster

The need for this partnership is more relevant than ever. In fact, The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)², conducted a workforce study that found that the cybersecurity industry needs nearly four million professionals.

Participants listed direct impacts from the skills gap related to a lack of resources for performing risk assessments, rushed security deployments, misconfigured systems, and a backlog of critical patches that haven’t been deployed. Gartner has noted the seriousness of the problem in a prediction that OT systems will be compromised and used for the purpose of harming humans by 2025.

“The platform helps our clients with little auditing experience to perform consistent, comprehensive cybersecurity assessments with the safety of ‘training wheels’ built into the platform,” said Rokster’s Vice President of Cybersecurity Services, Dominick Birolin, CISSP, CISA. “The Rokster professional services team can introduce’s platform to clients to give them the skills needed to complete future assessments. I find the platform to be excellent for measuring the cybersecurity posture of an organization throughout the cybersecurity maturation process.”

The platform also allows for uploads of validating evidence by requirement and sub-requirement. This has proven to improve efficiency in time needed to complete assessments. The ability to assign mitigation tasks to anyone and track them accordingly also dramatically reduces time needed for the post assessment mitigation during client engagements.

“For Rokster, the partnership provides us with a tool that enables the unification of our approach with consistent reporting across all of our subject matter experts and all cybersecurity frameworks,” added Birolin. “This ensures that the quality of our product is maintained to meet Rokster’s high brand standards. Upon completion of our work with a client, the platform can be used continuously to ensure the organization’s progress is aligned with their cybersecurity maturity and prioritization action plan, and that deliverables are consistently being met.”

“Rokster and view our partnership as a chance to grow each of our brands through providing the best professional services with the most complete assessment tool for the result of protecting critical infrastructure globally,” said Ted Gutierrez, CEO and Co-Founder of “We couldn’t be more excited about Rokster and the combined offering we’re able to bring to critical infrastructure organizations.”

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