eBook: Biometric Authentication For Dummies

How can you be sure that someone is who they say they are, if they’re not standing in front of you? In a digital world, how can organizations be sure that an individual attempting to access online services is who they claim to be? Or that they exist at all – are they a fake identity created for fraud or malicious intent?

Biometric Authentication Dummies

Online biometric authentication enables governments, banks and other enterprises to securely verify user identity. In Biometric Authentication For Dummies, iProov explains everything you need to know about how it works and why it offers the highest levels of security, usability and privacy.

Biometric Authentication For Dummies covers:

  • Reasons for using biometrics
  • Securing biometric systems
  • Protecting user privacy with biometrics
  • The usability of biometrics
  • Certification and standardized testing of biometrics
  • How to evaluate biometric technologies

This eBook is no longer available.


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