partners with Network Perception to improve compliance standards for customers announced a strategic alliance partnership with Network Perception, helping customers increase security, remediate risk, and reduce the effort it takes to be compliant to standards, without duplicating risk management efforts. Network Perception

While standards and frameworks are often a great first step in securing an organization, being compliant doesn’t mean the organization is more secure from threats. Improving OT or IT security postures while maintaining compliance to a regulatory standard or framework both follow similar procedures which overlap in many areas.

In both cases, security and risk management teams use those frameworks or standards to assess the organization’s overall cyber security posture and then implement some type of remediation or improvement process to close the gaps.

“There are legal requirements with penalties associated with maintaining compliance. Because of this, many companies with limited resources are forced to prioritize compliance efforts over security posture. So, it’s not until after compliance efforts are satisfied that security posture improvement efforts begin separately,” stated Ted Gutierrez, CEO, “This partnership between and Network Perception will allow us to provide organizations with the ability to initiate security, risk, and compliance efforts both simultaneously and seamlessly.”

Network Perception provides a platform for:

  • Instantly mapping and analyzing the network to determine connectivity and identifying any deviation from security policies, standards, and best practices.
  • Continuous network protection through automated configuration monitoring and notification of potential risks.

The Network Perception platform enables administrators to quickly understand if the network is secure or not, if devices are up to compliance regulations, and if a configuration change requires immediate attention. The platform provides these capabilities in a way that reduces (even eliminates) manual processes so teams can do the job faster with limited resources.

The platform provides SaaS workflows and automation for:

  • Running framework-based assessments and remediation efforts covering people, processes, and technology.
  • Blending real-time security system data with historical risk and compliance assessment results to show where top cybersecurity risks are today and help forecast where they will be tomorrow.

Company leaders need information to act confidently to defend against imminent threats, future risks, and overall impacts on the business. Combined with the ability to track risk remediation and compliance efforts, leaders can prioritize resources and enable their security teams to accelerate mitigation tactics across the enterprise.

With this partnership between and Network Perception, security and risk management teams can increase security, reduce risk, and automate complex compliance tasks for use across facilities and departments, as well as with leadership.

“We are excited to work with the team at and offer comprehensive solutions to the industry,” said Robin Berthier, CEO and Co-Founder of Network Perception. “The automation of compliance and security assessment is a top priority to better protect mission-critical assets.”

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