Spirion adds new capabilities to manage privacy risk and ensure data compliance for enterprises

Spirion announced the expansion of its flagship product: Spirion Sensitive Data Platform portfolio with new Executive Dashboard and Data Asset Inventory (DAI) capabilities. The new capabilities help organizations uncover, monitor and manage sensitive data to prevent costly breaches, maintain compliance and leverage data to make better business decisions across IT environments.

Spirion Sensitive Data Platform

The average total cost of a data breach increased to $4.24 million in 2021 — and in 44 percent of data breaches, customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is exposed. PII often exists across a business’s IT landscape and finding it is the first step of an effective data governance strategy. Enterprise organizations need to know where various data assets are stored; how data assets are used, who owns them, and what security controls are in place to track sensitive data.

The new Executive Dashboard provides a snapshot of sensitive data status, time to sensitive data risk remediation, at-risk assets, by data type and classification to allow organizations to manage privacy risk and ensure data compliance.

“Security and privacy professionals are consistently searching for a better way to uncover, monitor, and manage data to avoid privacy risk and ensure data compliance,” said Billy VanCannon, head of product, Spirion. “Spirion Data Asset Inventory uniquely ties together sensitive data, data assets and business processes to strengthen an organization’s security posture to prevent costly breaches and allow for the ethical use of data while maintaining compliance.”

Spirion Data Asset Inventory enables the cataloging of all assets that contain sensitive data across an organization’s IT environment — on-premises and in the cloud — and assigns asset descriptions, ownership, physical location, and security measures. The data types and classifications such as regulations, sensitivity, and processes enable rich data classification per asset to also be visible. Business processes such as customer marketing or payment processing are also defined and linked to each data asset.

Data Asset Inventory is the foundation for data compliance needs such as data mapping, where the data flows through an organization; data residency, physical location; data risk analysis, what is the impact of a breach; and data breach investigation, if an asset is breached, identify what sensitive data was on it.

Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) latest release also includes:

  • Scan cloning – Save time by quickly creating scans of similar existing scans.
  • Playbook cloning – Efficiently create playbooks. Playbooks are no-code automation of classification and remediation after a scan.
  • Results simplification – Improved scan result filtering and playbook toolbars.
  • Data retention – Set time to delete SDP data to stay compliant, cut clutter, and save costs.
  • UI Updates for easier navigation and control.
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