Deeper Connect Pico prevents malicious tracking and restores safety online

Deeper Network has successfully launched Deeper Connect Pico for internet users everywhere. Deeper Connect Pico is an all-in-one solution for access to the Decentralized VPN (DPN), a safe and fast private network at home or on the go.

Deeper Connect Pico

The Wi-Fi Adapter makes it easy to travel with Pico, while its enterprise-grade cybersecurity service shields from viruses and Trojans, prevents malicious tracking, detects intrusions, and restores safety online. Deeper Network Pico ensures complete ad-blocking including encrypted ads that interrupt YouTube streaming.

One-click Parental Control prevents children from seeing restricted online content. Pico also boasts zero-configuration and subscription-free access for a lifetime. Annually, this saves Pico users approximately USD $600 as compared to similar subscription-based services.

Further to this, Deeper Connect Pico enables a fully Decentralized VPN experience (DPN) using Multi-Routing and Smart Routing. This means family members can enjoy geo-locked content from any country with ease, and without sacrificing local internet speeds.

Deeper Connect Pico also helps users earn passive income. The device allows idle bandwidth to be shared within the decentralized network in return for cryptocurrency rewards through Deeper Network’s own token, DPR.

“We want to make the internet more democratic, private, secure, censor-free, and available to everyone,” said Russell Liu, Founder and CEO of Deeper Network Inc. “Pico offers premium solutions in a plug-n-play format.”

The Kickstarter campaign closes January 9, 2022, and ships to backers in January 2022. Deeper Connect Pico retails for USD $198, but for a limited time pre-sale buyers can take advantage of a 45% discount, plus a variety of pledge and reward options.

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