Mirantis DevOpsCare boosts developer productivity and reduces organizational complexity

Mirantis announced DevOpsCare, powered by Lens, a vendor-agnostic, fully-managed CI/CD product for any Kubernetes environment, offering developers higher levels of productivity.

Mirantis DevOpsCare

Despite the dramatic improvements in the deployment of applications with Kubernetes, complexities and pitfalls often hamper DevOps teams as they start to scale up and evolve their infrastructure. DevOpsCare, based on the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE (Integrated Development Environment), works across all cloud infrastructures — public, private, and hybrid — to provide a consistent experience, and guaranteed results, with a pay-as-you-go payment model for any Kubernetes cluster or any platform, anywhere.

“With DevOpsCare, we are taking the tedious nature out of building, operating, and optimizing cloud platforms,” said Adrian Ionel, CEO of Mirantis. “Developers can now get back to what they enjoy doing — building their code — and not worrying about the infrastructure. Organizations get increased productivity for less cost.”

With DevOpsCare, powered by Lens, users will:

  • Accelerate innovation by shipping cloud-native applications faster while optimizing cost.
  • Increase visibility with continuous monitoring of key metrics to determine health, performance, and cost.
  • Stronger alignment between DevOps teams, boosting productivity and elevating satisfaction.
  • Mitigate security risk and enhance compliance with continuous monitoring and alerting.

With more than 5 million downloads and a 300,000 strong community, Lens provides developers with a single pane of glass to contain all their development tools. Lens is the only cloud-native IDE enabling Kubernetes developers to create modern cloud-native applications. The extension API opens Lens up to the world of Kubernetes developers, greatly simplifying creating, shipping, and running cloud-native applications. Today, 200,000 clusters are being managed via Lens.

The Lens open source project is backed by a number of Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystem pioneers.

DevOpsCare continues Mirantis’ push to free developers from infrastructure concerns and instead focus on application development. Last month, Mirantis launched Mirantis Flow, a vendor-agnostic, cloud-native data center-as-a-service aimed at businesses currently using costly, lock-in cloud infrastructure technology so they can modernize infrastructure while enabling both virtualization and containerization for all application types. Mirantis Flow also simplifies onboarding for businesses just beginning their cloud journey.

Pricing and availability

DevOpsCare, powered by Lens, is available now via a monthly or annual subscription.

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