(ISC)² accepts applications for 2022 Undergraduate, Graduate and Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships

(ISC)² announced that it is accepting applications for its 2022 Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships, Undergraduate Cybersecurity Scholarships and Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarships.

(ISC)² accepts applications for 2022 Undergraduate, Graduate and Women's Cybersecurity Scholarships

Applications for the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships are due February 28, 2022. Applications for the Undergraduate and Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarships are due March 7, 2022.

The scholarships are part of an effort to bridge the cybersecurity workforce gap—which stands at 2.72 million needed professionals—by providing future cybersecurity professionals across the globe with scholarships to prepare them for a rewarding career in this important field.

“Supporting young talent with their educational studies is one of many methods to widen the pipeline of candidates interested in cybersecurity careers,” said Tara Wisniewski, EVP, Advocacy, Global Markets and Member Engagement, (ISC)². “The industry urgently needs more diverse perspectives and fresh talent to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. With the (ISC)² scholarships, we want to create more opportunities for individuals who are historically underrepresented in cybersecurity and inspire more young people to pursue a career in cybersecurity.”

(ISC)² will award more than $100,000 in scholarships in 2022. Up to 20 scholarships between $1,000-$5,000 will be awarded for both the Undergraduate and Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarships, and up to 10 Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships between $1,000-$5,000 will be awarded. Applicants are evaluated based on academic excellence, passion for the industry and financial need.

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