Bitwarden releases free families program for enterprise customers

Bitwarden announced that users of enterprise plans can receive a complimentary subscription to a Bitwarden families plan so they can bring home password security and protect their family.

Bitwarden families plan

Bitwarden also announced a new single sign-on deployment option for enterprises. Login with SSO and customer-managed encryption adds SSO deployment flexibility for Bitwarden enterprise customers. It enables employees to authenticate their identity and decrypt their Bitwarden Vault, all in a single step.

All Bitwarden enterprise users get a free families plan

For employees who use a Bitwarden enterprise plan at work, Bitwarden now grants a free subscription to a families plan, valued at $40/year, for them to share with their loved ones. Employees can create a new Bitwarden account or upgrade an existing account to bring password security home to family members, with premium features for up to six users and unlimited sharing across members and devices.

The free families plan for employees is currently available for cloud-based enterprise deployments.

New Bitwarden login with SSO: Customer-managed encryption

Login with SSO and customer-managed encryption enables employees to access and decrypt their Bitwarden vault entirely through their SSO credentials. Enterprise customers selecting this deployment option create and manage end users’ encryption keys on a local key server, retaining sole access to those keys.

This innovative approach maintains the Bitwarden zero-knowledge encryption model as passwords and keys are kept in customer control and not shared with Bitwarden or the SSO identity provider.

Login with SSO and customer-managed encryption is currently available for companies self-hosting Bitwarden.

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