MobileSphere SLYGuard secures communications on popular messaging applications

SLYGuard, the latest app in the MobileSphere family of innovative mobile communications, will ensure that your communications remain private on the most popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Line, Signal, Telegram, Viber, and Wicker.

MobileSphere SLYGuard

In the wake of the disclosure of the FBI’s “Lawful Access” report detailing how law enforcement can easily access content on the most popular apps, SLYGuard is even more timely. When data breaches are the norm and your privacy is more at risk than ever, SLYGuard offers an ideal solution for secure communications in the ever-growing applications sector.

Messaging apps access your contacts and store them on their servers. Most of these providers store your messages, including images and videos, in the Cloud. The apps not only store your meta-data, but analyze, use and sell it. This gives a variety of entities access to the contents of your communications.

SLYGuard comes with a built-in VPN through a military-grade encrypted tunnel. Your communications are funneled through the VPN so they are invisible to any other parties involved in the process. This eliminates all reference to the user such as device ID, IP, location, and communication logs. In addition, users can encrypt and decrypt each message or visual separately to ensure that it is indecipherable for any third party.

SLYGuard even provides an additional private phone number to protect your existing personal phone number. Lastly, SLYGuard provides a special dial tag to call any number without accessing your contacts.

“SLYGuard offers a level of security that is currently unavailable to billions of users of messaging applications,” said Toufic Mobarak, CEO of MobileSphere. “Being able to send a message that is guaranteed to be secure along with protecting your personal phone information and contacts is a revolutionary innovation in communications. SLYGuard provides a level of security to the average user that was previously only available to high level government officials.”

In the simplest terms, this is how SLYGuard works. The app offers four layers of protection:

  • The VPN built into the app encrypts pockets of your data. The VPN hides all metadata such as the user’s location, IP address and other identifiable data which users may not even be aware they are sharing. The encrypted data is then rerouted to the internet.
  • The app also offers an encryption and decryption tool. The protected message is decrypted and sent to the recipient. Only the sender and receiver can view the actual message content. The content does not go through any platform and is not shared anywhere. As an added measure of security, a one-time decryption will inform the parties if their message was intercepted.
  • The private mobile number offered by SLYGuard is an additional level of security provided by the app. Within the SLYGuard app, you can subscribe to the phone number plan. You will receive a private mobile number immediately which has no connection whatsoever to your identity. You can receive encrypted calls and messages from anywhere in the world, as well as activating other services such as WhatsApp, PayPal, etc. all without giving out your personal phone number.
  • The dialer denies permission to access your contacts via WhatsApp and similar apps.

Thus, your messages on the most popular platforms are secured, along with your contacts. SLYGuard joins the MobileSphere family of products which includes Riffr, SlyText, Slydial, Slybroadcast and Slyfone.

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