ForgeRock announces two features to serve all identity types from one platform

ForgeRock announced two significant new features to the ForgeRock Identity Cloud called Organizations and Themed User Journeys.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud

These new features build on ForgeRock’s unique ability to serve all identity types from one platform to help enterprises reduce costs and increase brand loyalty with more secure and highly personalized customer experiences without the need for costly customization.

ForgeRock’s new capabilities provide a unified system for managing all identities, such as business partners and vendors, which require particular configurations and privileges. At the same time, these new features help to ensure that every touchpoint along a buyer’s journey feels personal and effortless.

This is especially useful for companies that manage multiple brands and want to deliver personalized experiences across a variety of identity profiles – such as customers, partners, and vendors – and have a single view of all identities.

“These past two years have brought immense change to security requirements, with so much of our work and personal lives becoming virtual,” said Peter Barker, chief product officer, ForgeRock. “On top of that, IT teams are being asked to account for a wider variety of users than ever before. Our new capabilities help offload the IT burden of time-consuming, costly customizations so enterprises can more quickly and easily deliver personalized and secure experiences to all users, whether they are customers, vendors, partners, or employees.”

ForgeRock’s new features:

  • ForgeRock Organizations enables IT teams to match specific security configurations like password policies and access permissions with different identity types – all from a single implementation. This approach saves customers time and money by allowing them to consolidate multiple identity types into a single system. With ForgeRock Organizations enterprises have the flexibility to set up unique identity and access management configurations for different audiences.
  • ForgeRock Themed User Journeys offer out-of-the-box design options for administrators so they can quickly and easily configure identity journeys that give the end user a secure and effortless experience. For example, developers can easily build a login journey that includes a username, password, and two-factor-authentication such as a one-time password or a push notification to the end user’s mobile device. These pre-configured journeys make it simple for large organizations to customize common digital experiences or even create new ones.

ForgeRock Organizations and Themed User Journeys are available now on ForgeRock Identity Cloud.

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