CMMC Accreditation Body elects new board officers

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body, Inc. (CMMC-AB) announced the election of new officers to lead its Board of Directors in 2022.

CMMC-AB Board of Directors

Current Vice Chair Jeff Dalton was elected by the Board to serve as Chairman; Paul Michaels, who served as Chair of the Ethics and Compliance Committee and acting Government Security Officer, will become Vice Chair; and Sheryl Hanchar will serve a second term as Secretary.

Current Chairman Karlton Johnson informed the Board in October, prior to the election, of his decision not to seek a second consecutive term. In addition, with the arrival of Chief Financial Officer Raymond Karrenbauer to the CMMC-AB’s professional staff, the Board retired the officer position of Treasurer, which had been filled by Yong-Gon Chon. Mr. Chon will remain an active member of the Board in 2022.

Chairman Johnson reflected, “Cybersecurity for our defense industrial base is one of the most important national security challenges facing our nation today and establishing an entirely new ecosystem to support this mission was our charge.” Johnson added, “I am extremely proud of the work that the CMMC-AB has accomplished thus far, and I know the next slate of Board officers will guide the organization to an even higher level of excellence.”

Chairman-Elect Jeff Dalton remarked, “I am honored to lead the CMMC-AB Board of Directors. I am profoundly grateful for the contributions of Karlton Johnson, who took on a very challenging situation at a critical time in standing up this nascent effort, using only the services of patriotic volunteers to create something unprecedented. He did a tremendous job keeping the AB mission-focused and leading the Board to where we are today.”

Dalton continued, “Two of my top goals are to ensure that all CMMC participants understand that the recently announced ‘CMMC 2.0’ offers continued, compelling and implementable value, as well as to provide our CEO, Matthew Travis, all the tools and support he needs to make the CMMC-AB and the entire ecosystem successful.”

“In addition, we are committed to ensuring that we have the most professional and highly qualified Board possible,” Dalton stated. “That will include recruiting additional experienced and capable professionals to join our Board, as well as incorporating formal training and certification programs while we transition the AB to align with requirements defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).”

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