CompuGain partners with Lumigo to strengthen modern application delivery

CompuGain successfully partnered with Lumigo – a new age industry provider of advanced serverless observability platform for ephemeral, highly distributed, cloud-native serverless solutions on Amazon Web Services Cloud.

CompuGain Lumigo

Lumigo provides an advanced SaaS-based platform for intelligent monitoring, troubleshooting, end-to-end tracing.

CompuGain, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with expertise in AWS lambda service delivery, has proven customer success in delivering highly scalable, event-driven, reliable, financially optimized, cloud-native serverless solutions for enterprise business needs.

CompuGain’s DevSecOps framework provides Assessment, Advisory, Strategy, Secure Solutions, and Site Reliability Engineering capabilities to enterprises. It includes a robust enterprise promotion model and modular pipeline integrated with technology toolset to provide capabilities across the Application Lifecycle Management.

Lumigo complements CompuGain’s DevSecOps and Serverless offerings by providing a smart and intuitive way to observe – monitor, debug, log, and provide financial insights on complex distributed, event-driven, transient systems built with AWS serverless components, allowing our customers to deliver highly configurable, innovative solutions at a rapid pace.

Ravindra Babu Alla, Technology Leader, CompuGain, stated, “Our deep DevSecOps practice and AWS Serverless service delivery coupled with industry-leading partnerships like Lumigo supercharge the cloud ecosystem to deliver new capabilities at a rapid pace for our clients.”

CompuGain has an extensive relationship with AWS to help businesses achieve their goals by adopting AWS best practices, cloud-native architectures, and integrating cutting-edge tools to provide agility, performance, security, reliability, efficiency, and cost optimization. CompuGain’s certified experts help companies with seamless integration and deployments of serverless solutions.

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