MEDITECH partners with SecureLink to keep PHI data safe from cyberattacks

MEDITECH announced a partnership with SecureLink, reinforcing the commitment to keeping patients’ protected health information (PHI) safe.


With third-party cyber attacks in healthcare on the rise, healthcare organizations are increasingly demanding trusted solutions like SecureLink that offer secure vendor access to their internal systems and minimize the risk of a data breach. This added security is especially important for EHR systems, which average 2.5 million accesses per day per healthcare organization. MEDITECH’s partnership with SecureLink improves access vulnerabilities across the 2,300 healthcare institutions worldwide that use MEDITECH.

“Keeping PHI data safe from cyberattacks is always a priority,” states MEDITECH Vice President Scott Radner. “Implementing SecureLink’s critical vendor access management solution was a once-in-a-decade decision. With SecureLink, healthcare organizations have a vendor access management solution that maintains the highest security standards while also simplifying their processes. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

By integrating SecureLink’s critical vendor access management solution into the core of its operations, MEDITECH offers healthcare organizations one singular method for managing remote access connectivity, giving them greater control over who can connect to their systems and when connections are made. SecureLink’s solution saves staff time by streamlining IT processes and facilitating connectivity between MEDITECH, healthcare organizations, and third-party vendors. It also enables quick and easy access to system auditing.

Furthermore, the SecureLink solution is not tied to a specific hardware need and allows for a software image to be placed on the existing hardware at site or in the cloud to facilitate remote access.

“MEDITECH is a trusted tool for healthcare organizations across the world. We are honored to be partnering with them,” says Joel Burelson-Davis, SecureLink CTO. “MEDITECH will be integrating SecureLink through a staged rollout process, but once it is fully deployed, MEDITECH will be among our top five largest customers. This is a very exciting move as SecureLink continues to lead in healthcare security.”

MEDITECH’s robust, patient-centered technology spans the healthcare continuum, including unique functional capacity for the following environments: ambulatory care, acute care, long-term care, rehabilitation services, behavioral health, and home health care. By standardizing its security provisions with SecureLink, MEDITECH ensures efficient and safe connectivity to healthcare organizations’ most critical systems and data.

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