Neustar Email Intelligence provides insights on email deliverability

Neustar, a TransUnion company, has expanded its suite of Contact Center Solutions with Email Intelligence.


This new capability provides additional signals and scores to maximize the impact of the email channel while reducing the corresponding compliance and financial risks.

Neustar Email Intelligence provides insights on email deliverability, email activity and identity linkages, ensuring the email is tailored to the intended recipient. With Neustar’s coverage and precision of identity-based email, organizations can now better protect against sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient and mitigate the risk of being blacklisted, shut down or ruining the standing of their IP addresses.

These email activity features will not only revolutionize how clients prioritize and schedule email communications in the future, but also represent Neustar’s embrace of omnichannel strategies and behavior intelligence to improve outbound communications.

“With 30% of email addresses changing each year, the risk of emailing a consumer at an email that is no longer accessible jeopardizes contact rates and increases the risk of running afoul of regulations. Having accurate email information has never been more critical to connecting with customers,” said Robert McKay, senior vice president of risk solutions for Neustar. “Our intelligence solutions provide each customer’s preferred email address, alternative emails for hard-to-reach consumers, and exactly which emails will be successfully delivered – everything modern organizations need to be successful in an increasingly regulated and omnichannel environment.”

A part of the Contact Center Solutions suite, Neustar Email Intelligence is powered by the OneID identity resolution platform, which gives businesses a single holistic, connected view of their customers across all communication channels, both online and offline.

OneID continuously corroborates, validates and appends missing information across customer records, amplifying these signals with attributes and scores, enabling organizations to reach their customers more easily via the right channel at the right time.

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