Underline selects Cynamics to neutralize security incidents in real time

Israeli AI-driven Next-Generation (NG) Network Detection and Response (NDR) startup Cynamics announced a successful deployment for Underline, an open access fiber network operator.

Cynamics Underline

Cynamics’ AI-based, next-generation solution has given Underline complete network visibility from day one while collecting less than 1% of network traffic.

Underline is an intelligent infrastructure platform with a full-service solution to design, finance, construct and operate open access fiber networks for U.S. communities. As a greenfield company, Underline was looking for a cybersecurity solution built from the ground up along with its network infrastructure.

The company needed to neutralize security incidents in real time but knew that the standard NDR solutions that use deep packet inspection wouldn’t be able to scale. This led them to Cynamics, which uses standard, built-in sampling techniques to minimize resource demand on the network. This solution is currently deployed in Underline’s first market, Colorado Springs, CO, and will be put to work in their upcoming markets: Fountain, CO and Salinas, CA.

With Cynamics, Underline is experiencing benefits that include:

  • Rapid deployment and simple installation: Following a successful proof of concept, Underline deployed the Cynamics solution in less than 15 minutes. Cynamics requires no network changes or modifications.
  • Ease of management: Cynamics requires little to no management by Underline, working behind the scenes to monitor the network and report any potential threats as they arise.
  • Minimal resource demand: Cynamics uses advanced sampling techniques to minimize resource demand on the network. The solution collects less than 1% of network traffic to infer 100% visibility into network threats, without blind spots or latency.

Jason White, vice president of technology, Underline, said: “Having a state-of-the-art, autonomous, AI-based solution watching our network 24/7 has created great peace of mind. We couldn’t be happier with the team or the product. This partnership has been instrumental for Underline’s growth and security posture.”

Eyal Elyashiv, co-founder and CEO, Cynamics, said: “Companies like Underline need complete network visibility that can grow with them and that doesn’t expand their threat landscape or create latency issues. We’re proud to offer a solution that meets all these criteria and more, and we look forward to Underline’s ongoing success.”

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