Hal Pomeranz joins Spyderbat Advisory Board

Spyderbat has appointed Linux and Unix expert Hal Pomeranz to its Advisory Board.

Spyderbat Hal Pomeranz

Pomeranz joins based on his proficiency in cybersecurity and Open Source software. As his SANS Institute profile will tell you, “Nobody can show you how to forensicate with Open Source tools like Hal!”

Hal Pomeranz has over 30 years of experience in the industry. He is the founder of Deer Run Associates, a SANS Institute Faculty Fellow, and SANS’ longest tenured instructor. He holds multiple industry certifications including GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), Network Forensic Analyst (GFNA), Malware Analyst (GREM), and Unix Security Administration (GCUX). He is a regular contributor to blogs, podcasts, and conferences worldwide.

“We are looking forward to working with Hal and believe that his expertise in Linux and Unix security adds critical insights to our board of advisors,” adds Spyderbat CEO Marc Willebeek-LeMair. “Few people know as much as he does about these platforms, especially when it comes to finding digital clues that cyber criminals leave behind.”

Spyderbat is the first and only to fuse ground-truth operation data with security context based on their causal connections to pinpoint and preempt attacks at extraordinary speed.

“As a 30+ year veteran in the cyber security industry and having had operational experience with virtually every tool out there,” states Pomeranz. “I can tell you Spyderbat has broken through with an incredibly exciting approach to accurately and comprehensively detect and resolve attacks. I am looking forward to helping them add more capabilities to detect and fully mitigate threats within Linux runtime environments and to help them realize the truly game-changing possibilities of this technology.”

Hal Pomeranz is a recognized expert in the analysis of Linux and Unix systems and has made key contributions in this domain. His EXT3 file recovery tools are used by investigators worldwide. His research on EXT4 file system forensics provided a basis for the development of open-source forensic support for this file system.

Hal has also contributed a popular tool for automating Linux memory acquisition and analysis. But Hal is fundamentally a practitioner, and that’s what drives his research. His EXT3 file recovery tools were the direct result of an investigation, recovering data that led to multiple indictments and successful prosecutions.

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