EdgeQ appoints Ajit Pai to Board of Advisors

EdgeQ announced the appointment of former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to the company’s board of advisors.

EdgeQ Ajit Pai

Pai joins EdgeQ as the company scales to deliver industry’s first software-defined 5G and AI Base Station-on-a-Chip for wireless infrastructure.

A longtime champion of wireless innovation, Pai implemented major initiatives during his tenure at the FCC to advance U.S. leadership in 5G. Under his leadership, the FCC freed up an unprecedented amount of cellular and unlicensed spectrum to benefit wireless consumers; instituted reforms to drive major private sector investments in wireless infrastructure; modernized outdated regulations to promote 5G backhaul and widescale fiber deployment; and held the first-ever FCC-led fora on open radio access networks and artificial intelligence.

He becomes the latest telecom industry luminary to join EdgeQ’s advisory board, following the appointments of former Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs and former Qualcomm CTO Matt Grob in 2021.

“I am honored to join Paul Jacobs and Matt Grob as a member of EdgeQ’s distinguished advisory board and look forward to helping extend the company’s success. 5G is becoming a foundational technology for wireless communications in an increasingly connected world. It promises faster, smarter networks — which in turn require faster, smarter mobile edge infrastructure,” said Ajit Pai, former FCC Chairman. “EdgeQ’s base station-on-a-chip is just that. It converges 5G and AI in a disruptive, open, software-defined platform — one that empowers 5G entrepreneurs, developers, and users, is cost-effective, and consumes dramatically less power. EdgeQ’s solution is poised to become a core part of the wireless networks of the future.”

EdgeQ’s open RISC-V based architecture uniquely offers a flexible, software-defined approach to traditional cellular network architecture, enabling a richer diversity of suppliers at a significantly accessible power and price point. By leveraging a highly programmable silicon chip with a production-ready 5G PHY software, EdgeQ provides an operating model that allows customers to access the advanced functionalities and critical algorithms of the 5G radio access network.

It also offers an additional level of flexibility and customization to safeguard against potential future supply constraints, allowing customers to activate these features on an on-demand basis.

“Ajit Pai is a respected champion of wireless innovation, market entry, and deployment of communications infrastructure. We are excited to leverage his leadership in our democratization of 5G in new industries, new suppliers, and new deployment models,” said Vinay Ravuri, CEO and Founder of EdgeQ.

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