Qrypt Key Generation generates symmetric encryption keys at multiple endpoints

Qrypt launched a new solution, Key Generation, allowing enterprises to independently generate symmetric encryption keys at multiple endpoints.

Qrypt Key Generation

This technology directly addresses the weakness of key exchange that quantum computers will target, while also allowing for digital one-time-pad encryption to be a realistic option for the first time. Qrypt Key Generation can be applied in any cloud connected use case, leaving the alternative Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for niche applications.

This allows all enterprises to take advantage of the most secure level of encryption for their sensitive data, without needing to spend money on expensive QKD infrastructure. Additionally, with the ability to rapidly produce keys of any kind, Qrypt’s cloud service can scale to match the immense encryption needs of even the largest enterprise.

“As ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ threats continue to rise, companies need to be taking a hard look at their security infrastructure to ensure that they are protecting their sensitive data,” said Denis Mandich, Qrypt’s CTO and co-founder. “Qrypt’s new Key Generation technology enables today’s security-minded enterprises to make practical use of the most secure encryption in the world within a digital environment.”

Modern public key cryptography’s reliance on asymmetric encryption is under attack. Key distribution mechanisms and the transmissions of symmetric encrypted data both create vital points of attack for malicious actors who are looking to steal data. While quantum security threats may be years away, attackers today are exploiting this transmission process and harvesting business’ sensitive data now to decrypt down the line. With this new solution, Qrypt is taking direct aim at the secure distribution problem – by avoiding distribution altogether.

The service was also purpose-built to be easy for any company to incorporate into their existing security infrastructure. Through simple integration of the Qrypt SDK into existing standard key management solutions, a business can immediately start taking advantage of the benefits Key Generation offers. The lack of need for distribution of encryption keys means that organizations can immediately begin migration to quantum-safe algorithms without worrying about whether they will be compromised in the future.

Qrypt’s Key Generation offers high speed, high-volume quantum key generation to keep up with the growing security needs of enterprises. The Key Generation solution is powered by Qrypt’s peer-reviewed BLAST algorithm, leveraging high quality quantum entropy sources. All are based on published technology with a roadmap of new quantum source types from respected research partners including ICFO, Los Alamos National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, and EPFL.

BLAST enables Key Generation to securely produce any kind of symmetric keys at multiple endpoints, including AES, negating the need for key encapsulation or key distribution.

Furthermore, the algorithm is specifically designed so that the attack scenarios required to compromise any generated keys are extreme – from decrypting quantum-safe algorithms in less than a day to gaining full control of an endpoint device or all of its communication channels. Since the keys are generated and extracted directly on the local client from the returned quantum random, not even Qrypt can predict or determine a customer’s encryption keys. All of this helps ensure that data will be secure even if post quantum algorithms are compromised.

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