rf IDEAS collaborates with ID R&D to add biometric solutions to its offering

rf IDEAS announced that it is partnering with ID R&D to bring its biometric authentication and anti-spoofing products to the rf IDEAS portfolio.


“This partnership helps us to expand rf IDEAS biometric offerings as a reseller of ID R&D’s market-leading biometric software solutions,” said Raul Cepeda Jr., Vice President of Product and Marketing at rf IDEAS. “When used in conjunction with our readers, it provides a needed multi-factor authentication (MFA) capability to our customers. This will continue our efforts to bring MFA to secure print and other logical access applications across all verticals.”

ID R&D is a developer of biometric products for identity verification and authentication. Their products use advanced technology to provide a convenient, secure authentication factor for mobile access applications as well as physical access devices.

  • Passive facial liveness detection, which identifies spoofing attacks, such as using a photo or mask, against face biometric matching.
  • Voice biometrics, which uses a microphone in devices such as a mobile phone or kiosk to authenticate the user. ID R&D’s anti-spoofing measures can identify if the voice is recorded or altered in any way.

“Employees can share passwords, access cards, and even mobile devices. When protecting critical infrastructure, biometrics have an advantage in that they are convenient and liveness detection protects them from being lost, stolen or shared,” said Alexey Khitrov, CEO at ID R&D. “Without the real user being physically present, the biometric access will fail. As a result, businesses can be more confident that the intended person is accessing protected equipment and information.”

Adding biometric authentication to the rf IDEAS portfolio strengthens security and reduces user friction.

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