Medigate PROS establishes cyber physical system security service standards for HDOs

Medigate by Claroty launched its new Partner-Ready Operational Services (PROS) program. Developed for its qualifying solution partners, PROS aims to establish and drive cyber physical system security service standards for Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs).

Medigate PROS

Medigate’s first PROS security service partners are First Health Advisory, Meditology, Pixel Health, and Protiviti, whose services help HDOs take full advantage of not only Medigate, but also the entire complement of its integration partnerships, including market leaders like Cisco, CrowdStrike, and ServiceNow.

Medigate PROS is a healthcare-specialized cyber-physical services program built to grow qualifying partner practices through skills development. It is based on Medigate’s proven security operations maturity roadmap, a trusted path that Medigate has developed partnering with HDOs at more than 1,000 facilities worldwide.

Importantly, PROS is designed to ensure comprehensive security across all critical assets, including the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), operational technology (OT), and enterprise IoT – or the Extended IoT (XIoT). It represents a timely development for an industry that thrives on standards-based approaches and needs experts trained in program-based delivery.

“There’s nothing else like Medigate PROS in the HDO sector,” said Jonathan Langer, COO of Claroty and Co-founder of Medigate. “Offering a standards-based curriculum that can validate our partners as certified experts is significant for our industry. Not only will this make the onboarding process for new customers more efficient, but it shows our current customers that we’re committed to the continuous improvement of services that will meet their needs over the long haul.”

Carter Groome, CEO, First Health Advisory: “Partnering with Medigate and becoming a certified ‘PRO’ makes perfect sense as HDOs look for holistic solutions to this complex challenge. Our clients benefit from proven security roadmaps and they know that we’re always up to speed on how to maximize the value of essential integrations and the best practices they enable.”

Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist, CrowdStrike: “The healthcare sector remains vulnerable as the threat environment grows increasingly complex and eCrime actors continue to find it to be a lucrative target. Our partnership with Medigate combines their deep understanding of the industry’s security needs with our industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon platform to secure HDO’s against the evolving tactics of sophisticated threat actors. We commend Medigate on the PROS program and in driving security standards to protect the organizations that serve the critical needs of our society.”

Michael Machulsky, EVP of Strategic Partnerships, Pixel Health: “Medigate’s technology, systematic approach, and proven risk mitigation are exceptional, exceeding the most stringent cybersecurity standards. These capabilities coupled with PROS enable meaningful visibility across the healthcare enterprise, inclusive of the XIoT estate, driving unmatched clinical asset management and utilization efficiency.”

This announcement comes shortly after Medigate was acquired by Claroty, the security company for cyber-physical systems across industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments.

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