ADVA MicroMux Edge BiDi boosts capacity and addresses fiber constraints in access networks

ADVA launched its new pluggable MicroMux Edge BiDi device, enabling operators to boost capacity and address fiber constraints in access networks.

ADVA MicroMux Edge BiDi

The solution is the industry’s first standards-compliant QSFP+ device with four independent and bidirectional 10GbE optical interfaces. Supporting single-fiber operations and delivering up to 40km reach, ADVA’s MicroMux Edge BiDi is the ideal technology for 10GbE connectivity deployments in wireless and wireline access networks.

It offers network operators a simple and cost-efficient way to increase the bandwidth of their wholesale and business Ethernet services without deploying additional fiber. The solution also ensures the symmetric latency required for applications including 5G.

“Cloud enterprises services and residential broadband are driving the need for higher capacity in the last mile. But in many areas, deploying new fiber isn’t possible or the cost of leasing is simply too expensive. Our new MicroMux Edge BiDi is the answer. It minimizes fiber consumption by providing duplex communication over a single fiber. Open and pluggable, the MicroMux Edge BiDi is specifically designed for access networks where cost, space and latency come at a premium,” said Stephan Rettenberger, senior VP of marketing and investor relations at ADVA.

“By enabling single-fiber operations, our new pluggable device is also perfect for use cases that cannot tolerate delay variations between upstream and downstream signals, such as meeting the stringent network synchronization demands of 5G.”

The MicroMux Edge BiDi offers customers a flexible and cost-efficient way to provide 10GbE bidirectional connectivity over a single fiber. This saves network resources and environmental impact. The device also ensures the same latency in both the transmit and receive directions, preventing issues with varying propagation delay. With its small form factor and low power consumption, ADVA’s MicroMux Edge BiDi maximizes faceplate density.

Electrically and mechanically compliant to QSFP+ standards, it’s the first available solution of its kind to provide the functionality of four integrated bidirectional 10Gbit/s transceivers. The MicroMux Edge BiDi works in tandem with any third-party bidirectional SFP+ or with ADVA’s BX40U SFP+, which also features an industrial operating temperature range, making it ideal for outdoor deployments.

“In recent years, our MicroMux range has enabled a new approach to infrastructure expansion, empowering operators to smoothly upgrade their legacy networks without compromising real estate, power or spectral efficiency. Now we’re taking our innovation further with the launch of our MicroMux Edge BiDi. It packs the functionality of four independent 10GBase-BX40 interfaces into a single QSFP+ housing and delivers extended reach of up to 40km,” commented Saeid Aramideh, VP of business development at Optical Engines, ADVA.

“Whether they’re providing mobile x-haul, wholesale Ethernet services or enterprise applications, our plug-and-play solution will enable network operators to greatly improve efficiency and unlock new value in their deployed infrastructure.”

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