CyberGRX platform enhancements provide real-time notifications to third-party breaches

CyberGRX announced the availability of Breach Monitoring & Alerting capabilities within the Exchange platform.

CyberGRX Exchange platform

An extension of CyberGRX’s predictive risk intelligence capabilities, and through an integration with Recorded Future, customers will receive alerts to third-party breaches within their portfolio in near real-time. In addition, third parties affected by a breach will receive notification to be able to react quickly and work with customers on mitigation efforts.

Today, organizations rely heavily on suppliers, vendors and partners to conduct business operations, making third-party breaches a major concern. CyberGRX’s Breach Monitoring & Alerting capabilities will provide customers with the vital information and context required to better assess the possible impact of a breach on their business and collaborate with the affected third parties to mitigate the risk.

Unlike other solutions in the market, CyberGRX collects and analyzes comprehensive cyber risk data to provide actionable insights and timely threat intelligence to help companies effectively respond to breaches and threats as well as have a complete understanding of their risks at a portfolio wide level.

“CISOs are already so overburdened with mitigating risks and responding to threats in their organizations’ own environment that they don’t have the time or resources to appropriately assess those within their third parties. This is why the majority of companies find out about breaches impacting one of their third parties in a news headline days after the incident,” said Dave Stapleton, CISO at CyberGRX. “Our Breach Monitoring and Alerting capabilities equips security teams by providing near real-time notifications. Unlike point in time assessments, these capabilities empower security professionals to take action in a timely manner that is more aligned with the pace of emerging threats.”

“Pairing advanced security intelligence with our threat profiles provides data insights that allow companies to increase collaboration with their affected third party to better assess and manage the risk related to the breach,” said Frank Price, Chief Product & Technology Officer at CyberGRX. “The data and insights gathered through this capability are unique to CyberGRX customers and cannot be provided by any other solution provider, making this data set extremely valuable.”

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