Reciprocity ROAR Platform enables companies to mitigate risk in business processes

Reciprocity announced its new AI-powered, integrated Risk Observation, Assessment, and Remediation (ROAR) Platform, enabling companies to avoid, control, and mitigate risk in business processes while providing clear, executive-level visibility into risk.

Reciprocity ROAR Platform

This real-time view of risk within the context of business activities empowers security teams with the actionable insights they need to avoid and mitigate risk and optimize security. The innovative new Reciprocity ROAR Platform enables companies to protect their most valuable assets, quantify the value of security investments, accelerate business initiatives, and effectively inform leadership on the levels of risk and improvements.

As rates of cyber attacks continue to increase, companies need better ways to protect themselves – at every level of the business. For InfoSec teams to prevent an attack before it happens, they need to have a clear understanding of how risk impacts every aspect of the business at a project level so they can address it appropriately. However, this isn’t possible with the single risk register approach offered by traditional governance, compliance and risk (GRC) and Information Technology Risk Management (ITRM) tools. The Reciprocity ROAR Platform solves this problem, enabling companies to track, manage, and mitigate risk at both the business project level and the overall company level.

“The imbalance between rising threats and low confidence is putting pressure on Security and InfoSec teams to clearly communicate risk in a way that enables leaders to make informed decisions that weigh risk tolerance, cost, and value,” said Michael Maggio, Chief Product Officer for Reciprocity. “Compliance controls are a good first step in reducing risks, but they aren’t sufficient on their own. Reciprocity is the first IT and cyber risk vendor to seamlessly combine risk, compliance, and business goals into a single, real-time contextual view. By simplifying the journey from compliance to effective information security, we’re breaking down the traditional silos between risk and compliance to provide a unified, real-time view that guides decision making and makes it easier to inform key stakeholders.”

The Reciprocity ROAR Platform enables the creation and management of cyber assurance programs that unify compliance, risk, and other requirements around business objectives, making it easy for organizations to gain clear, actionable insight in the context of the business. The Platform delivers prescriptive guidance to select the right mix of requirements and pre-loaded content, within a single, unified solution. The result is optimized evidence, control, and data re-use which reduces the complexity and resources required by effective risk management.

The Reciprocity ROAR Platform’s AI engine automatically builds relationships among business assets and processes, controls, and risks to intelligently deliver automated risk posture as well as maximize re-use, while continuously monitoring for any changes that can negatively impact that risk posture and delivering recommendations for treatment plans. Workflows within the Platform are automatically initiated when programs are defined, and integrations to leading business systems provide automatic information access. This pervasive automation enables organizations to take effective action fast, driving efficiency and maximizing employee talent.

The Reciprocity ROAR Platform powers the company’s new suite of advanced risk and compliance applications to deliver integrated building blocks for cyber assurance programs, including:

  • ZenComply: Reciprocity ZenComply strengthens the role of compliance in security, providing a fast, prescriptive, content-rich experience that brings together expert guidance, automation, and intelligent collaboration. An AI-powered backend maps 10,000+ content objects across frameworks, threats, and risk registers, automating calculations and building key relationships. The application provides real-time insight, accelerating compliance and reducing IT and cyber risk.
  • ZenRisk: Reciprocity ZenRisk provides actionable insights in the context of business priorities to help organizations effectively avoid and mitigate IT and cyber risk. With expert-provided content, predefined scoring methodologies and mapped controls, risk and threats, along with continuous scoring of residual risk, Infosec teams can stay ahead of threats and prioritize activities to drive business results while optimizing security.

“The Reciprocity ROAR Platform will enable us to strengthen and align our security roadmap,” said Jay Richardson, CISO for PrimeRevenue. “The visibility from having a single point that ties back to our assets will allow us to evaluate the operations of different programs. In addition, it will give us something to show our board and help guide our business decisions by factoring risk into the context of other processes and activities.”

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