Legion Cyberworks and Horizon3.ai join forces to improve security controls for organizations

Legion Cyberworks announced a partnership with Horizon3.ai to provide customers with a new comprehensive VRT (Virtual Red Team) service.

Legion Cyberworks Horizon3.ai

This partnership will enable customers to complete the find, fix, verify loop to ensure any exploit is remediated and close out security gaps that lead to intrusions and data breaches.

The Managed VRT Service combines the power of the NodeZero APTaaS platform with security engineers, analysts, and consultants to deliver a powerful security solution that enhances an organization’s security posture by finding the most widely exploited vulnerabilities so they can be remediated quickly.

See your network through the eyes of an attacker. Threat actors look for exploitable vulnerabilities in the network perimeter, remote desktop services, workstations, printers and dozens of other endpoints. Once an exploit is found, it can be used to elevate privileges, access data, and plant ransomware and other malicious code, resulting in damage to your brand, reputation and operations — not to mention the financial impacts.

The Managed VRT Service is built on the NodeZero Autonomous PenTesting as a Service platform from Horizon3.ai. The Legion Cyberworks security team uses NodeZero as a force multiplier, to rapidly find exploitable vulnerabilities, hardening your security posture against cyber-attacks.

“The Legion Cyberworks VRT Service and NodeZero APTaaS platform are combined to deliver a force multiplier for our clients in the battle to close out security gaps that result in compromise and breaches,” said Clayton Dillard, CEO of Legion Cyberworks, a Horizon3.ai partner. “We are delivering a range of disciplines including web application security, red teaming, pentesting, OSINT & organization threat profiling, social engineering, virtual CISO, and remediation services that make our clients more secure.”

“The only way to know if an organization’s network is truly secure is to attempt to exploit every attack path. However, with limited time and resources, the hardest part of cybersecurity is deciding what not to fix,” said Snehal Antani, CEO and co-founder of Horizon3.ai. “Horizon3.ai’s partnership with Legion Cyberworks allows us to help clients better prepare for a cyberattack. Think of Virtual Red Teaming as a ‘sparring partner’ that helps an organization proactively harden its systems and improve security controls. The alternative for organizations would be to wait for a breach to verify their security postures.”

This powerful security solution benefits organizations by verifying internal and external attack vectors, as well as security controls, prioritizing vulnerabilities based on risk, and by letting organizations verify vulnerabilities are fixed through “op comparisons” and reporting that helps meet audit and compliance requirements.

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