Spirent Communications brings new test solutions to maintain explosive growth of the cloud

Spirent Communications released its latest 400G and 800G test platforms to help accelerate the design and development of new generation high-speed Ethernet solutions.

Spirent Communications test platforms

These solutions enable providers to ensure their 400G infrastructure is up to the challenge of today’s data growth needs, while preparing 800G to be the future workhorse of the cloud’s backbone.

Spirent A1 400G Appliance delivers the industry’s highest port density to validate infrastructure and services dependent on high-speed Ethernet technologies, with traffic loads that emulate the real world. This gives service providers and hyperscale data centers confidence they can support massive growth, meet customer expectations, and keep costs in check.

Spirent’s A1 test platform enables large capacity testing of ultra-high-scale, next-generation-enabled multi-terabit cloud data center fabrics, as any performance degradation in the backbone disrupts critical fixed and mobile services – potentially bringing SLA penalties, customer support issues, and troubleshooting costs that can run to millions of dollars each year.

“The cloud’s meteoric growth requires its Ethernet backbone to be constantly reinvented, leaping forward in each release with double or even quadruple the speed and capacity of previous releases,” said Aniket Khosla, Spirent’s VP of Cloud and IP Product Management. “Spirent continues to be the industry’s trailblazer for Ethernet validation, bringing new test solutions to market first so that the Ethernet infrastructure ecosystem and service providers are able to keep moving forward to meet the insatiable demands for performance and capacity.”

With an eye to the future, the industry is preparing for the move to 800G to accommodate the expansion of 5G, the growth of 4k and 8k video, and other services that drive demanding performance requirements. With the complexity of 800G, the expanding ecosystem needs to test the viability of next-generation, high-speed Ethernet solutions today to make sure these systems will be bulletproof as they begin to take over from 400G. Spirent’s comprehensive 800G product suite is now available to address test and validation needs from 800G to 100M.

The 800G test platform accelerates timelines as vendors design, develop and deploy 800G technologies. Spirent offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that validates forwarding performance, latency, MAC capacity and functional capabilities in an integrated approach that reduces cost of ownership. The 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews recognized two of the company’s 800G solutions, Spirent B1 800G Appliance and B2 800G Appliance among the most innovative products impacting the optical communications community this year. According to Lightwave, the test platform “is ahead of potential competitors in 800DD Ethernet module testing space, with a superb combination of features.”

“We value our partnership with Spirent and we’re pleased that our solutions are featured in their 400G demo at OFC,” said Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer at InnoLight. “Spirent is uniquely positioned to help their customers manage validation across entire ecosystems and we look forward to our continued collaboration.”

“We are excited to partner with Spirent to demonstrate our leading-edge CPO+ELS solutions at OFC 2022 using Spirent TestCenter, a highly scalable and robust solution for validating the next generation of data center routers and switches,” said Chan-Chih (David) Chen, AVP, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI)”

“Source Photonics is pleased to partner with Spirent to demonstrate our awarding winning 800G QSFP-DD 2XFR4 and DR8 solutions at OFC 2022 using Spirent 800G 802.3ck QSFP-DD test solution, a robust performance validation tool offering the density and flexibility needed to quickly design, develop and deploy innovative and reliable, next-generation Ethernet solutions for hyperscale data centers,” said Frank Chang, Chief Engineer and Head of the CTO office, Source Photonics.

Kees Propstra, GM Measurement Solutions at MultiLane said “Test solutions are critical to driving innovation and to developing the latest technologies. Spirent and MultiLane are both leaders in test and measurement and are true enablers of the 400G and 800G Ecosystem. Our latest solutions will be on display at OFC 2022 in the Spirent booth #5410, OIF booth #5101, and MultiLane booth #3915.”

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