(IN)SECURE Magazine issue 71 released

(IN)SECURE Magazine is a free digital security publication discussing some of the hottest information security topics. Issue 71 has been released today.
It’s a free download, no registration required.

(IN)SECURE Magazine 71

Table of contents

  • Five tips on how to stay (cyber)secure in a hybrid work world
  • Open-source code: How to stay secure while moving fast
  • Enterprise PKI automation: The modern approach to certificate lifecycle management
  • Preventing document fraud in a world built on digital trust
  • API security: Understanding the next top attack vector
  • The evolution of security analytics
  • Supply chain cybersecurity: Pain or pleasure?
  • A 2022 priority: Automated mobile application security testing
  • Bridging the “front and back of the house”: A lesson in risk management
  • Why security strategies need a new perspective
  • The four types of remote workers your security awareness program must address
  • Reducing the blast radius of credential theft
  • Small businesses are most vulnerable to growing cybersecurity threats
  • Cultivating a security-first mindset for software developers
  • Supply chain shortages create a cybersecurity nightmare

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