CSC 3D Domain Monitoring enables enterprises to identify suspicious domains created by third parties

CSC unveiled its new 3D Domain Monitoring solution as part of their DomainSec platform, providing an immediate, multi-dimensional view of the threat vectors targeting corporate domain portfolios.

CSC 3D Domain Monitoring

It enables enterprises to identify suspicious or malicious domains created by third parties poised to confuse customers with fake websites, scams, or phishing attacks.

The registration and exploitation of fake branded domains to commit fraud and launch cyberattacks has run rampant. “Based on an analysis of four of CSC’s research initiatives over the past three years, more than 7 out of 10 domains containing brand names on the internet are fake,” says Mark Calandra, president of CSC’s Digital Brand Services business. “Often the intent of malicious domain registrations is to leverage the trust consumers have for the targeted company to launch phishing attacks and digital brand abuse that leads to revenue loss, traffic diversion, and a diminished brand reputation.” Additionally, between one-third to almost two-thirds of the fake domains are configured with MX records, which can enable them to launch email phishing campaigns.

“In today’s world of zero-trust security models, the first line of defense for many companies is proactively monitoring and mitigating threat vectors targeting their global domain ecosystem,” says Ihab Shraim, chief technology officer of CSC’s Digital Brand Services business. “Research shows that phishing and brand attacks most commonly begin with the registration of malicious, confusingly similar domain names, compromised or hijacked legitimate domains or subdomains, or via email equipped with an attachment malware payload. This can enable the deployment of ransomware on the host machine, or an email equipped with a link that redirects to a fake website owned by bad actors to inject malware via a browser vulnerability.”

For corporations managing multiple brands globally, with hundreds or thousands of domains within their portfolio, rapid detection and de-activation of these fake and malicious domains is vital. 3D Domain Monitoring provides a multi-dimensional view of the threat vectors targeting specific domains. Clients will have the ability to mitigate risks and threats by taking fast, effective enforcement action via CSC’s unparalleled range of enforcement options.

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