Actiphy ActiveVisor v.7 monitors overall system protection of the backup source PCs

Actiphy released ActiveVisor v.7, a centralized management console, with new features and enhancements supporting ActiveImage Protector 2022.

Actiphy ActiveVisor v.7

As uncertainty increases globally, threats from cyber attacks are rampant. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how and where we work. With so many people working from home and other remote locations, it is essential that a reliable centralized management solution secures backup and recovery.

ActiveVisor provides real-time monitoring and notification alerts so that issues are quickly identified and corrected. System administrators substantially reduce workloads by monitoring and managing the backup status and configure backup settings for ActiveImage Protector clients from any location.

New features

ActiveVisor v.7 offers the following new features and enhancements supporting ActiveImage Protector 2022.

  • Manage client PCs and servers for Direct-To-Cloud backup: Use ActiveVisor to configure tasks to backup directly to cloud storage.
  • Manage client PC’s file backup: ActiveVisor now includes task creation of file-by-file backup tasks.
  • Manage client systems booted from RescueBoot: ActiveVisor can remotely perform a system disaster recovery by utilizing RescueBoot.
  • Supports Linux clients.

Standard features

  • Administrators can manage, monitor, and configure backup agents, and task schedules from any location using a browser-based console.
  • Manage Azure Virtual Clients connected to local network domains.
  • Auto-scroll option in the monitoring panel displays alerts of the latest changes occurring on clients. When a monitored client’s status changes, the client’s information will automatically display at the top of the panel.
  • The dashboard window provides a graphical representation of managed and unmanaged client systems on the network.
  • Clients can be grouped for management purposes. Groups can be rearranged, if necessary, based on changes to a systems configuration.
  • Schedules can be configured based on individual client requirements, or a predefined scheduled template can be applied to deploy a pattern-based backup schedule to batches of clients.
  • ActiveVisor is provided at no additional cost to ActiveImage Protector users with a valid annual maintenance contract.
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