Progress WhatsUp Gold reduces the risk of threat actors and infrastructure compromise

Progress announced the latest release of Progress WhatsUp Gold, its IT infrastructure monitoring software.

Progress WhatsUp Gold

With this WhatsUp Gold release, less than six months after Progress’ acquisition of Kemp, Progress introduces integration with the comprehensive network traffic performance monitoring and diagnostics capabilities of Progress Flowmo along with the monitoring of Progress LoadMaster. Progress now offers organisations a comprehensive and easy-to-understand view of their networks’ performance from a single pane of glass.

With hybrid and remote work environments, system administrators are increasingly facing the challenge of effectively managing complex, multi-vendor, hybrid environments that span beyond their network edge. Powerful, vendor-agnostic visibility is required in order to accomplish this pivotal, ever-present task while minimising business impact from service issues and downtime. Now more than ever, the ability to synthesise insights from multiple infrastructure vantage points is critical.

WhatsUp Gold 2022 builds on its interactive mapping interface and total ecosystem visibility through integration with Flowmon that surfaces deep network performance insights in a single dashboard. IT operations teams can now simplify troubleshooting with consolidated access to WhatsUp Gold native infrastructure monitoring view combined with advanced network telemetry.

When an organisation deploys WhatsUp Gold 2022, when network issues occur, time to resolution is optimised which reduces impact on the business. Joint deployments of WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon also mean that customers can benefit from anomaly detection capabilities that help to improve their overall security posture, reducing the risk of threat actors and infrastructure compromise.

“To manage all aspects of hybrid infrastructure monitoring, organisations often end up with dozens of independent tools that don’t natively work together and may be collecting the same data leading to significant levels of inefficiency,” said Jason Dover, VP, Product Strategy, Enterprise Application Experience, Progress. “To reduce complexity and increase efficiency, a unified approach to network infrastructure and security visibility is required. By integrating WhatsUp Gold with Flowmon, Progress enables customers with the right information in context, to identify the leading indicators of infrastructure performance and network issues in order to prevent them from happening in the first place.”

In addition to Flowmon integration, this release of WhatsUp Gold introduces native monitoring of LoadMaster ADCs and Microsoft Teams alert group notifications.

WhatsUp Gold IT infrastructure monitoring solution empowers operations teams to monitor and manage their business applications and the resources that support them to ensure high levels of performance and availability. WhatsUp Gold was named a 2021 “Network Monitoring Emotional Footprint Champion” by SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group, and regularly receives high marks from peer-to-peer review sites such as G2.

The latest release of WhatsUp Gold is available now.

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