F-Secure rebrands its corporate security business under the new name

The corporate security business of F-Secure relaunches as a new brand that shares the company’s new name WithSecure.

F-Secure WithSecure

To benefit from the power of diversity, the brand was developed in extensive collaboration with F-Secure employees, reseller partners, and clients. The name reinforces the belief that facing cyber security challenges together produces more effective outcomes than trying to protect anything alone.

During the past few years, the company transformed its corporate and consumer businesses operations into two strong businesses. The launch of WithSecure follows plans announced in February 2022 to separate into two companies, both with increased customer focus and relevancy along with clarified value propositions.

WithSecure sets off a new era for corporate security products and solutions, while consumer security products and services remain available for both end-users and partners through the existing F-Secure brand. WithSecure leverages the company’s decades of proven security expertise, pragmatic research, and instinctive technologies. This combination allows the company to focus on achieving outcomes that enable partners and customers to secure their business.

According to WithSecure Corporation’s CEO Juhani Hintikka, the company’s new “co-security” paradigm reflects the need to address today’s security challenges through good partnership.

“Ultimately, complexity is creating huge problems in information security. By working together, we can stop approaching security as controls. Instead, we will implement technology and services that work in a business context and deliver proven outcomes,” said Hintikka. “In simple terms, no one that puts their trust in WithSecure should experience a serious loss due to a cyber attack or crime. Our name is our promise,” added Hintikka.

WithSecure aims to achieve this goal through a portfolio that combines world-class human expertise, innovative new approaches and instinctive technology to counter active attacks. The portfolio consists of cloud-native and intelligent endpoint protection, cloud content protection for Salesforce, managed detection and response, and a broad range of cyber security consulting services.

Thanks to a strong heritage, WithSecure enjoys an extensive network of partners, clients, and customers along with vast experience working with the information security community to solve today’s challenging and novel threats with a co-security mindset.

“The greatest brands are based on a simple core idea. In everything we do we believe in good partnership where good means trusted, honest, knowledgeable and always prioritizing the relationship over own agendas and short-term transactional business,” said WithSecure CMO Ari Vänttinen. “In a world where cyber security means more than ever, our co-security approach enables us to build and sustain digital trust in society for everyone’s benefit.”

Through recent initiatives, WithSecure has demonstrated that it is a purpose-driven brand. These efforts include collaborating with CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation for digital peacemaking efforts, working with the CyberPeace Institute to protect vulnerable communities, and actively training the next generation of cyber security experts.

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