Nexthink collaborates with Qualtrics to improve employee experience in hybrid work environments

Nexthink announced a partnership with Qualtrics that will provide a premier digital employee experience to joint customers.

Nexthink Qualtrics

This collaboration brings together both operational data (O-Data) from Nexthink and employee experience data (X-Data) from Qualtrics to provide companies insights on where and how they can improve workplace technology experiences, through the lens of the employee.

“Engaging with employees in real-time is the key to supporting remote and hybrid digital work environments, to understand their needs, drive transformation and deliver better experiences with digital services in the enterprise,” said Pedro Bados, Co-founder and CEO at Nexthink. “Integrating real-time metrics on devices, applications, and networks with experience data from Qualtrics will provide IT teams with the ultimate single pane of glass to understand end-to-end digital employee experience while taking real-time actions to improve them.”

“The technology employees use at work has become a critical part of the employee experience. Employees are more engaged and productive when organizations have the right systems, software, and tools in place to support their work,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services, Qualtrics. “Having experience data from Qualtrics with operational data from Nexthink helps IT leaders deliver the technology experiences that impact employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.”

At Nexthink’s Experience Everywhere event, the two companies presented on what the future of work will look like and how it is shaping employee experiences. In Brad Anderson’s session, he highlighted the importance of closing experience gaps in a hybrid work environment – citing Qualtrics research illustrating that employees who say they perceive their technology supports their work are 85% more likely to stay at their company, 230% more engaged and 13X more likely to say their employee experience is exceeding expectations.

In his keynote at the event, Pedro Bados referenced the Great Resignation trend as an opportunity to rethink the relationship people have with work. Changing the dynamic with how IT supports employees at work, so that it’s no longer just about productivity, quantity and incident-reporting, but supporting employee’s accomplishments and creating a fulfilling environment to provide a higher quality of life at work with a better employee experience.

Phase one integrations are available now.

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